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WAR FIELD: best of two worlds or tokenized hype?

Speaking about crypto games we meant smth like Crypto Kitties or Etheremon, but today games of different type appear. These games just do not bother tracking every their move on blockchain, but use it only where they find appropriate, i.e. for transfers, transactions or inventory items.

Last week Gameunculus came across WAR FIELD - a game of that completely new kind, and now wants to figure out what’s it like and if it’s a crypto game after all. Gameplay description, game economy explanation and our unhumble opinion on WAR FIELD - you’ll find everything in our new article:

And it’s high time you read the article and started playing, cause tomorrow you’ll have to be at your best! This Tuesday starting from 14.00 to 15.00 GMT a special NPC called Mr Golder will appear on the battleground. Kill him 10 times and get 500 GLDR tokens (enough to buy a rifle instead of that tiny pistol of yours)!

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