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MyCryptoHeroes, a new member of EMONT Alliance, starts a presale

All of you, guys, know Etheremon - one of the top crypto games with catching mons and sending them on adventures. But the team isn’t planning to stay self-centered and wants to invest in the prosperity of the whole cryptogames industry.

For this purpose they’ve recently created EMONT Alliance - a blockchain ecosystem for game developers. The devs are sure (and we at Gameunculus share the opinion) that cryptogames will rule the world ‘cause they are far better than traditional ones. For those who doubt this claim, EMONT Alliance was created - a way to show the benefits of creating games on blockchain to everybody. EMONT Alliance provides software tools, marketing resources and single cryptocurrency, EMONT tokens, which unites all the games. Though Gameunculus is not a game, we value the initiative and hope that it will give us lots of new explosive cryptogames.

My Crypto Heroes, a new Japanese RPG, has now become a full-fledged member of EMONT Alliance. Soon all of you will be able to jump into collecting and strengthening historical heroes, join epic battles and conquer boundless lands of the virtual world. And now you have an opportunity to pave the way to your future victories - just take part in the presale!

My Crypto Heroes Presale will last from UTC 0:00, 21st September to UTC 23:00, 30th September 2018. ETH is really cheap these days, why don’t you spend some on acquiring unique heroes available only during the presale? Anyway, you won’t lose a penny - all the ETH collected on the presale will be returned in equivalent GUM (Game User Money) via airdrop after the launch. The presale is of extreme interest to Etheremon players - they can buy exclusive heroes for EMONT.

Still have questions? Visit Etheremon official pages then! And if you’re a game dev, don’t hesitate to tell us more about your new games, presales, airdrops, contest and other freaking awesome stuff - Gameunculus always cares!

EMONT Alliance official website

My Crypto Heroes official website

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