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Gods Unchained: Thaeriel’s Apparition and some gameplay details

While we’re looking forward to Gods Unchained launch, they are seducing the community by letting some secret details out. If you are not that into surfing their social pages, we’ll provide you with brief and well-structured information, as we did it dozens of times and have no plans to stop.

Gods Unchained 101

Gods Unchained is an online card game on blockchain which has impressed the community long before the launch. Big-name partners, notable statistics in terms of DAU and volume allowing them to shot at the top five - Gameunculus couldn’t leave that undetected. And today the first of six gods was presented to the public.

Wondering who’s that god and why should you care? Ok, let us tell you a few words about Gods Unchained gameplay at first. Whether a player combats a player, or a player battles a computer, there are two competitors in the game. Each of them gets a pack of 30 cards in the beginning. Cards are either creatures, or spells, or weapons, or special god cards. Every card has a mana cost, it’s displayed in the top left corner - so, you’ll need to spend this amount of mana to play this card out. Opponents use cards combining their features and skills to defeat one another. Well, Gods Unchained remind us of all card games, online and real-life, and here we come to the gods.

The gods in the game are like Hearthstone heroes: they have special powers and spells, they can interact with creatures enhancing them, but their impact on the gameplay is even greater. Every god has 4 basic powers (you choose one and can use it every turn) and 1 ultimate power, which can only be used once per match. Though we could explore the ordinary cards on the game website, we had no idea of how gods performed and what abilities they had till today.

Meet the first unchained God - Thaeriel

The first god unleashed (or unchained - oh, we’ve finally realised why the game got its name!) is Thaeriel. The team claims he’s light and righteous, but his wicked smirk casts some doubts. Anyway, this guy has some cool skills, and while he helps us to win we do not really care if he’s good or evil. His Ultimate Power is called Equinox, and it sets all creatures Attack and Health to 2. The power can strengthen friendly creatures (if they were as tiny as 1/1) or weaken the creatures of your opponent, which can dramatically change the match. Thaeriel has also 4 Basic Powers to choose from: Summon Acolyte (and it summons an acolyte of 2/2 immune to spells or god powers), Lesser Heal (heals target for 2), Heaven’s Light (all friendly creatures get +2 health) and Chosen Visions (heals your god for 2 and gives +2/+2 to the chosen creature).

Don’t know about you, guys, but Gameunculus is really eager to play Gods Unchained and to choose the best god-protector ever!

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