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Waiting for a new multiplayer game coming to ETH.TOWN

As you already know, ETH.TOWN is a game where players trade the floors of a crypto business tower, hire employees, send them on adventures and play mini-games on the platform. The provided description is not detailed and you can’t decide whether it’s worth your time or not? Great, as we’ve just posted an explicit article on ETH.TOWN gameplay, economy, heroes, and all: and now you can kick the tires.

Why today? Cause ETH.TOWN has recently announced that they will add a new game to the gameplay. The new game would be different - not an idle clicker or a gambling kind, but a multiplayer with a team vs team battle. Each player will form up a team and try to conquer (or simply steal) the other team’s treasures. The winning team gets various prizes, and the most efficient players receive special bonuses. God, Gameunculus missed this teamplay stuff so much: savage screaming, getting kicked out of a group, a bloody mess of throwing insults at each other and sophisticated your-mama jokes… Hope we’ll all see it soon on blockchain!

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