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Blockchain Cuties&Lumi airdrop and 0xUniverse contest

Here Gameunculus goes again, airdrop news supplier. Our post today is about some latest sources of unique collectibles from game devs. If you’re looking forward to liking a few posts, making a couple of retweets and getting a bunch of stuff as a reward for that, you’ll be greatly disappointed. It’s a harsh world, guys, and you actually have to do something to get a damn thing! All right, down to business.

First, our partners from Lumi Wallet (remember, the wallet for crypto collectibles) and one of our featured games, Blockchain Cuties, announced an airdrop. Participants have 5 days starting from 10th September to accomplish the tasks: following, joining, posting, commenting, retweeting, reposting, and downloading Lumi app. Find the full requirements list here. The rewards (cute space-eyed puppies wearing Lumi logo T-shirts) are promised to arrive before 18th September. Gameunculus loves dogs so much that will never have one - why condemn a poor creature to suffer? But a digital dog would be the real deal (as it doesn’t poop), so, we’re coming!

Second, 0xUniverse, a planet discovery and collectible, started a Video Contest. No following and retweeting this time, only creativity and some video editors skills - and get a chance to win the prize, a mysterious Hyperborea planet! But only if jury considers your video the best, ‘cause there’ll be only one winner and only one prize - it’s a contest, you see, not dropping planets into the air! Finally a chance to get a break from youtube procrastination and create some content for others to procrastinate on.

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