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Will you be my crypto Valentine?

Let's celebrate love with these confessions from players to their favorite crypto games.

Can you feel that in the air? No, not the greenhouse gases. No, it’s not Gamie who hasn’t taken a shower in god-knows-how-long. What you’re feeling is love, bay-bay! It’s Valentine’s day, the designated day of the year where you can post lovey-dovey stuff on instagram and annoy your friends twice as much! If you have a significant other, that is. But hey, don’t put yourself down, you can redirect your love to other stuff, like crypto games! This is the case of many crypto players who have the hots for some of our most beloved crypto gaming projects. Don’t worry, we know you also have the hots for one of them, but we won’t judge. To prove that we celebrate love even between humans and code, we have asked some of the most passionate players of multiple crypto games. So let us have an intimate conversation accompanied by the candlelight, and put some Barry White to get in the mood.

Axie Infinity

One of the games that has many of its players infatuated and obsessed with them is Axie Infinity. And that comes as not much of a surprise, given that Axies are well above average in terms of presentation and looks, two things that certainly matter when it comes to love and affection in a relationship (only ugly people say that what matters is on the inside, right?). This is exactly the case with our friend Uselezzz, whose favorite game is Axie Infinity. Uselezzz cites the fully animated Axie battle system as one of the most exciting features of the game, which is totally to be expected given how beautiful it is. We have spoken at length about how all the little (and not so little) things and intricacies that make crypto games feel more like games matter, and this is a great example of it. Sure, not every game needs a battle system, we had text-based adventure games before platformers and first person shooters, and if anybody were to say that these classics are less “video gamey” than other genres, they’re in for an ass-whooping in online communities. That being said, having a game that heavily focuses on breeding, trading and collecting NFTs that also pays a lot of attention to having a fully animated battle system is really apreciated by its fanbase. The other thing that makes them like Axies over all the other crypto love-interests is the Land sale, which we covered back in January.

We also asked our little lovebirds if the love that they felt for these games was reciprocal or a one-sided affair, and thankfully Uselezzz seems to have a healthy relationship with the Axies. When asked for further details, they said that the Axies “love me back by making quite a few profits in ETH by selling those cutes (sic) little guys”. And when talking about the “fruits" of their love, this little guy was brought up. Uselezz also stated that this Axie was bought with previous profits made from trading, and that he is one of the “rarest and cutest Axies ever”. Considering that it has not one, but two mystic parts, then we can safely assume that Uselezzz is indeed in possession of one hell of an Axie.


Axie Infinity is not the only game that has been the source of undying affection from its players. Etheremon has also infatuated many gamers. A player that goes by the handle Hagaromo is among them, and they majorly credit the development team for that. Hagaromo regards Etheremon as their crypto bae because of its “credit worthy proven (sic) team” and their ability to give back to the community.

As an example of their trustworthiness and intergrity as developers, Hagaromo cites several bug fixes that the development team has made across different projects, most notably a smart contract lock-up that happened during the release of the Adventure site for Etheremon. To fix this, they restarted the auction, but they also refunded all players who bid in the auction. Another example that was cited was the case of Cubego in late 2018; when the pre-sales volume turned up to be disappointing, they decided to return all the pre-ICO. It looks like these guys are the real deal.

The sense of community is real in Etheremon. Hagaromo notes the importance of communication channels such as their discord, where devs seem to be always reachable and typically get back to their users within a few hours, and top players are in good spirits to help the youngins in learning the basic stuff. According to our friend, it’s a thing that goes both ways—if developers care and show love and support for their product, you will have an equally caring community. Hey, maybe other developers should take a page out of Etheremon’s book and actually give a rat’s ass, who would’ve thunk communication from the development team had an impact on their players!

This two-way street sense can be seen in other aspects of the game as well. After playing for a long time, your assets will increase their value, but you will also begin to play more strategically, allowing for your get stronger Mons. This allows players to have a bigger and better collection of Mons, including ultra rare and legendary creatures. Just like in Pokémon! Hagaromo is a great example, they have one of each of the legendary Mons (Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm), and was also the first one to catch very exclusive Mons like Siberizen, Wolverize, Darcastro and Galaleo. Damn. Eat your heart out, Ash Ketchum.

Blockchain Cuties

Our dear Cuties couldn’t be left out of the equation. They’re Cuties, for Pete’s sake! They’re bound to conquer the hearts of many a gamer. This is exactly what happened to Light511, who fell in love after playing Blockchain Cuties. The main reason why it’s her favorite game and she keeps coming back to it is because Blockchain Cuties is, in her words, a “player-based game”. What this means is that the game can be as complicated as any player wants—you can collect and breed Cuties willy-nilly and you’ll have fun seeing what will come up, or you can spend sleepless nights figuring out the genome of a particular Cutie you want to get or replicate. This doesn’t even include the adventure mode, which is a whole extra layer of complexity that would be then added to the mix. That includes strenghts, weaknesses, stats, battling and loot that you can find.

Once again, the relationship between the Cuties and its players is seen as a two-way street. Similar to the case of Etheremon, developers are usually available in their social media or channels of communication, willing to listen to the players and quickly fix any possible bug or issue that is presented. Light511 cites the quantity of Cuties in her collection as the best proof of the fruits of that healthy relationship. She even celebrated Valentine’s day in the best way possible, by hatching this beautiful Unicorn Cutie. Hooray for love!

That’s not to say that she’s a mindless sheep who will just pump money into any game as long as she doesn’t get scammed—she’s clear in saying that she wouldn’t invest in a game if she did not believe in it in the first place. Luckily, it seems that the Cuties haven’t screwed her over. Their different Cuties help with different parts of the game, giving her the upper hand in a wide variety of situations.


Just like in real life, there will be some bachelors that will have better luck at love than others, which eventually translates to some of them having a line of people waiting for their feelings to be reciprocated. This seems to be the case with 0xUniverse, which had not one but two players who were willing to talk about it: Talgie and Vektor. When they were asked about what made them keep coming back to 0xUniverse, they had different reasons. Talgie credits developer Alex Fedd and his quickness and willingness to answer questions as one of the main reasons why it’s their favorite game. Talgie also says Alex is a very down to earth developer who is always trying to keep the discord server a friendly place. Vektor, on the other hand, says that he’s “deeply, almost hopelessly addicted” to 0xUniverse, because it’s a game that rewards patience and paying attention. He says that the more you learn about the game’s inner workings and mechanisms, the greater your success will be. That, added to the discovery of planets and ship, makes it a game that’s worth your time. This doesn’t mean that Vektor doesn’t see the community as an important aspect of 0xUniverse though, as he also describes the discord server as a “vibrant community” who is always available to help players who want to get started or get better.

The community seems to be such an important part of the equation, that Talgie think it’s the main reason why this relationship with 0xUniverse is a two-way street, but it kind of makes sense. Talgie says that you can make good money if you really try and play the game, and having a friendly community that’s willing to help you must certainly be an important part of that. In terms of monetary proof, he states that he does not know the exact amount, but he reckons that he has probably earned over $750. For Vektor, the community is important, but the sheer amount of money that he has made is more than enough to consider this a two-way street. The game has already paid about five times the amount of ETH that he has purchased, and if he were to liquidate everything he has today at market prices, he would walk away with about 12 times the amount of his ETH purchases. Jesus, no wonder he loves 0xUniverse.

Finally, when they were asked about the fruits of their love relationship, Talgie said that he has also earned quite a bit (more than $500), and that he has more than 350 planets. Playing this game will make you discover new ways to play, and new strategies are being developed on the daily, so the fruits of their love are still growing. Vektor has a different experience, one that’s heavily related to one specific token, the planet Dwalsson, which he discovered. This planet was discovered after having a drought that lasted a handful of launches, and the surprise was twice as big when he discoverd that it was a Legendary planet. And OF COURSE that was not everything. It turns out that planet Dwalsson was integral for the 0xUniverse story, so that discovery allowed the story of the game to advance. It just doesn’t get much cooler than that.

Chibi Fighters

And last, but not least, we have Chibi Fighters, who recently partnered up with Gameunculus for a really cool giveaway. Once again, we are looking at a game that has two little Romeos trying to woo it: bobnewyorkx (hi, Bob from New York!), and Blackbird (hello, bird with black feathers!). Once again, the motivating force behind this love is that Chibi Fighters is a game that focuses “on making the game fun, not making money from item sales” and, once again, the efficiency in communication with the developers is a key factor.

An interesting answer was given by bobnewyorkx when he said that he wasn’t sure whether the game loved him back or not. But he said that he was certain that the Chibi Fighters team are counting on him, so we’re in the presence of a rather Platonic relationship. In fact, Garry Runke asked him for advice in terms of marketing for Japanese audiences, which ended up resulting in a giveaway event that they did with Etheremon. Now that's a reciprocal relationship.

And finally, in terms of specific tokens that represents the fruits of the relationship, bobneyworkx can proudly say that he is one of the three owners of the Lizard People. These are very powerful, very rare Chibis that are among the strongest units inthe game. What’s more, New Yorker Bob has the very first Lizard People token that was ever minted, so it’s double as precious.

And to top it all off, Blackbird, the other love-interest of Chibi Fighters, went above and beyond and wrote a freaking love letter. We are only showing a snippet, because we’re afraid that Nicholas Sparks will take it as an inspiration of his next novel.

It is clear that there’s more than enough love for many, many crypto games. It all boils down to different people and different tastes, but we can definitely find many patterns when it comes to these games. Even at first glance, the pattern of people liking a game better when the focus is put on the player or in the fun aspects of the game, rather than on the monetary counterpart, becomes apparent. Sure, there are users who see crypto games as nothing more than a platform for them to earn money, but actual players will always appreciate a fun experience, no matter what. The second thing that was usually brought up was proper communication with the game development team, but that’s more general practice. If you have a product, it is expected of you to have stable channels of communication to receive feedback from your audience. That also sounds like something obvious, but in reality many of the most established mainstream video game franchises couldn’t care less about their audience. It’s good to see that love isn’t dead, and that some crypto games actually care about their fans.

Is your loved one among the ones that we talked today? Do you want to try your luck with any of these crypto games and see if you’ll get lucky on Valentine’s day? Follow us on twitter and join our telegram community to tell us all about your loved games!

The Cuties are feeling the love
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