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The Cuties are feeling the love

And they can’t wait to spread it with a special Valentine’s Day event: new adventure, challenge, and more!

Blockchain Cuties is no stranger to making Holiday updates and now they’re doing it in a romantic fashion. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the cutest creatures are bringing all that with more than just a hint of romance, as they prepare themselves for their special event.

There hasn’t actually been any information revealed about this until now, more details will come out soon—one would hope, since Valentine’s Day is the day after tomorrow—about the special event but here’s what we’ve got so far: during this event, you will have an advantage over the rest of the time to breed tribute cuties. They are also bringing the following:

  • A new adventure
  • A new challenge
  • A new cutie to craft
  • A new unique cutie you can buy
  • And last but certainly not least: New exclusive items made specially to celebrate this holiday of love, such as the first ever dress in the game, a box of chocolates, AND—drum roll please—wings, which the Cuties’ Medium post suggests would go great with the new piggies on the game.

Ok, so the wings would look great on the pigs but have you imagined how Gamie would look like in a dress? You don’t have to work your imagination so hard anymore! Let us show you.

What do you think? We think he looks amazing, red definitely is his color. Follow him on twitter and join our telegram and let’s talk more about how this photo will haunt you in your dreams.

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