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Etheremons are adventurous now, and what about you?

If you follow Etheremon’s Twitter, you’ve got no chance to miss this news, but who cares about Twitter when we have Gameunculus blog? Etheremon announced the feature long before the launch and today it’s finally live - meet the new adventure mode!

Adventures are not exactly breaking news for cryptogames. For example, Blockchain Cuties have been sending their creatures to battle for loot in different locations (and also called it adventures) for months now. It doesn’t mean though that Etheremon’s adventures are not worthy of notice, look - we’ve dedicated a whole blogpost to them!

The basic principle of Etheremon’s adventure mode is rather simple. You send your mons on adventure (they travel to one of the exploration sites chosen randomly), wait up an hour and get some stuff when they return. Possible reward includes: EMONT (in-game currency), experience boxes, boosters and level-ups, and what matters most for Etheremon master - a Mystery Mon (but the chance of catching is super rare, of course).

The most unusual thing is that exploration sites are owned by players, and the owners (hosts in game terms), not devs, get the fee collected from adventurous Etheremon masters. There are only 108 exploration sites of which 54 were sold during the pre-sale event and others won’t be up for sale until 2019.

While the lucky ones can enrich themselves right now, ‘cause crowds went wild and rushed in search of adventures, you’ll have to wait to become a wealthy landlord, but cheer up! Money’s not the only thing that matters, and Etheremon adventures can bring you lots of fun, not to speak of tons of useful things and an opportunity to catch a Mystery Mon. They will even tweet about you if it happens, so take a chance!

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