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Decentraland's Creator Contest will have a $55,000 prize pool

Holy polygons, Batman! If that doesn’t get you fired up, we don’t know what will.

A couple of weeks ago we introduced Decentraland’s Creator Contest, an exciting opportunity for up-and-comers and veterans of the game to display their creative prowess and get some MANA and LAND in return. This contest will make use of the upcoming builder, a 3D drag-and-drop editor that will breathe air into the parcels of Decentraland. The contest will start in early March, and as we get closer to the start, more detailed information about the different prices is being revealed.

In case you’re out of the loop, we’ll tell you a brief summary of the contest. Once the builder gets released in March, you’ll have two weeks to get acquainted with it and submit up to 20 of your own creations. This is an inclusive contest where all players are encouraged to take part; you’ll receive 100 MANA just for submitting your creations, so you don’t need to be the second coming of Bob Ross to actually get something out of the contest.

More information has come out about the prizes:

  • First place: 200,000 MANA (~$7,150 USD) + LAND in prime location
  • Second place: 150,000 MANA (~$5,400 USD) + LAND in prime location
  • Third place: 100,000 MANA (~$3,600 USD) + LAND in prime location
  • Fourth place: 50,000 MANA (~$1,800 USD) + LAND in prime location
  • Fifth place: 25,000 MANA (~$900 USD) + LAND in prime location
  • The remaining 45 finalists will receive LAND and 7,500 MANA (~$300 USD) each

If you add up all of the prizes, then you have over $50,000. Yup. That’s a crapload of money. The good thing is that these prizes will be distributed among all 50 finalists, so technically, you have 50 chances of winning some MANA just by submitting your scenes!

It won’t be an easy task, though. Remember that we told you that there was an “experts” panel? Well, the official site of the contest lists Martin Shibuya (Decentraland’s art director), Thor Alexander (creative and technical executive who has worked in EA and Zynga), Fabian Orrego (video game artist from Xunulu Studios, and James Dargie (art director who has worked in The Matrix, Metroid Prime, Call of Duty and many others). More judges are supposed to be announced; they might as well throw Gordon Ramsay and Shao Kahn there, just for the hell of it.

Gamie is still working on its fabulous sheep-shaped scene. What do you think? At least he's having fun.

Are you honing your creative skills? March will be here before we know it, so you better do that before the contest starts. What do you have in mind? Share your ideas with us on twitter and telegram!

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