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Epic Dragons takes the lead

The game climbed to the top of the charts and it’s refusing to leave that spot.

Dragons are hot, literally and figuratively speaking. Epic Dragons was only released last month on TRON and it has already crawled—flown?—to the number one place in the most used dapps ranking, with 7,8K users in the last 24 hours.

A month ago, Ethereum’s counterpart Hyper Dragons was a regular in the top 10 most used dapps, now they’re nowhere to be found…ok ok ok, they’re at #53 with 444 users in the last 24 hours, which is not bad, but if you put things in perspective it’s clear that its little brother Epic has taken over, and big time.

The game came to life as a part of TRON Arcade’s 100M fund in January as the first of many games MixMarvel—its developers—plans to launch on the aforementioned blockchain. Though we’re still waiting for those games, it looks like people are not complaining since Epic Dragons’s number one spot on the rankings last Wednesday marks the first time a TRON-based dapp has reached this position.

Currently, 5 out of the 10 most used dapps on Dappradar run on the TRX blockchain, and the first three places there are on TRON as well. While the other 4 besides Epic Dragons are gambling dapps, the game still surpasses the next one on the list by at least 400 users.

What do you think the future of dapps is gonna look like? Will games take the lead over Gambling or do you think this is just a fluke? And more importantly, will TRON be the one to achieve mass adoption? Follow our Twitter and join our Telegram to start the discussion.

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