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Gameunculus’s Choice #13

Lucky number 13! Let’s dive deep into the weekly highlights of Feb. 2 - 8

Last week we had a special edition of our weekly pick due to the Lunar New Year. A honorable mention has to be made, for Blockchain Cuties, who added Pigs to their universe this week as a celebration of the Lunar New Year as well. This week, however, we are returning to just giving you the best, the cream of the crop, with no direct relationship to any holiday or celebration. If you’re having the holiday blues, we assure you that this week had its fair share of news that should raise the spirits of all crypto gamers. Additionally, we’re also covering the most expensive NFTs, where we have witnessed Decentraland’s return to domination. Let’s see if this trend continues, data courtesy of

Containment Corps, a Steam game, partners with Enjin

The best way to start our weekly pick is by addressing the outlier of sorts among the group of highlights. Outlier because, technically, this isn’t about a crypto game, but this is what makes it so interesting. Basically, what happened is that Containment Corps, a game that is already on steam, has partnered up with the the Enjin platform to “enhance their game”. Their plan is to integrate the Enjin platform so that their players can have total ownership of things like items that have certain abilities tied to them, items related to a crafting system, and items that will have only aesthetic purposes. While certainly not one of Steam’s hottest games out there, the fact that a game that belongs to the mainstream indsutry has taken interest in blockchain technology and is implementing tokenized assets surely bodes well for the future. Hopefully this turns out to be an early form of an integration or fusion of crypto gaming and mainstream gaming, but only time will tell. We urge you to read our piece on the subject to have a better understanding of what’s exactly happening and what it could potentially mean.

Gran Ton Rismo starts the 2nd stage of their beta

Gran Ton Rismo, also known as Crypton Racing, is the racing game associated to Crypt-Oink. These little piggies made the highlights of the week by releasing a sizeable update, one that officially kicks off the start of the 2nd stage of their beta. To sum up, the Cryptons are getting serious about racing, and are introducing strategy into the mix. With the update, all Cryptons will be reset to their default values, because now every race will matter. Through racing, your Crypton will become older and wiser, and your performance will determine the eventual Legacy rewards that your Crypton will pass on to its offsprings once it reaches age 10. Luckily, the game has debuted a Practice mode, where you can race your Crypton freely without aging or worrying about the training of your crypto piggies. As an addition to this improvement, the game is also releasing different game modes, most notably the Mastery and Seasonal cups, where you can put your skills to the test. It’s safe to say that nobody is expecting this to be some sort of Mario Kart killer that came from out of nowhere, but racing games are complex to develop, and seeing one of them beginning to take form in the crypto side of things is a welcomed view.

Gods Unchained release the 0.9 version of their beta

In similar news, the trading-card crypto game Gods Unchained has released the patch notes of the debuting 0.9 version of the game. They’ve made little improvements to the game that placed together make up for better quality and many more different cards from where to choose—66% more cards than the previous version, to be accurate. Some of the improvements also include new visual effects, new textures, and new in-game and menu music,all of which came from the Gods Unchained users feedback. These updates may not change the game on a larger scale, but it definitely expands it, since there are now almost 550 new cards live! The game’s team have also been working on getting rid of more than 1,500 bugs since the private beta was released and let us say: ew. Go to Gameunculus news post on the new release to learn more about what new heavenly updates have been done to the game. Another thing that’s different is the time of the developing cycles. So far the team have been working on four-week development cycles and two weeks of quality assurance but now they’ll be working on two-week development cycles and the two weeks of quality assurance will remain the same. With this new info we are happy to tell you—in case you haven’t figure it out yet— that the updates will be more frequent, so we can all look forward to see many more updates on the horizon.

CryptoPunks are having their first gallery show

And last, but certainly not least, we have news from Larva Labs’ CryptoPunks. Thus far, Gamie was used to talk about CryptoPunks almost exclusively in our weekly pick, as they have been featured there among some of the most expensive NFTs of the week. This time, we're not here to talk about a specific token, and we’re not talking about an update, or a giveaway, or nothing of the sort either. What brought CryptoPunks to the weekly highlights is a real-life event; an art show in Switzerland that’s called {Perfect & Priceless} - Value Systems on the Blockchain, at the Kate Vass Gallery. There, actual prints of several CryptoPunks are being shown. Why is this so important? Well, the prospect of showing CryptoPunks (or any NFT, for that matter) in physical form is, in paper, very problematic. The concept of true ownership relies on the blockchain, and having an additional copy that can be physically sold or gifted to somebody else means that there could be a misunderstanding as to who is the true owner of the NFT. However, their solution was to bridge the gap between digital and physical ownership through the use of paper wallets attached to the back of the print. These wallets contain the key to own the CryptoPunk in the digital realm as well. This can be game-changing, considering that many other projects can also hop in and employ similar techniques to have both physical and digital ownership. Check here for the full details of their solution.

Best-selling items

By this point we hardly doubt anybody’s surprised. Once again, and by a landslide, Decentraland has taken the first spot of our weekly pick. Attentive readers of Gameunculus’s choice will experience some sort of déjà vu, because this parcel of land will look mighty familiar. And they are not wrong, since we covered the 19, -2 parcel of land only two weeks ago. Yes, we have literally covered two neighboring parcels of land in the space of two weeks—and both have occupied first place. Basically, this parcel of land has the same features that 19, -2 has: 8 parcels away from the central Genesis Plaza, and is also close to multiple districts. Another thing that made the previously-covered parcel of land worth the $2,144.83 it was sold for was the fact that it was almost adjacent to two roads at the same time. Well, this little guy right here is adjacent to two roads at the same time, which bumped up its price to $5,099.6. To think that a difference of only one parcel doubled the price… yikes.

CryptoKitties have regained some footing compared to how they fared last week, but they are still miles away from reaching Decentraland levels of success. Still, considering that an average Kitty costs barely two bucks, seeing that one was sold for $423.05 is hella impressive. So what exactly makes this Kitty so special? Judging by his cattributes, he’s not the most special Kitty out there. The last couple of weeks, Kitties made it into the most expensive NFTs of the week by having Kitties that were the first to present a specific cattribute, but this is not the case. Still, his more common cattributes—tertiary color and eyes—are only shared with 15% of all Kitties, so he’s just a bundle of crypto feline goodness. His story is definitely more exciting too; this guy is a “private dancer” by day, and he loves putting ghost pepper hot sauce on everything. Maybe his experience as a private dancer allowed him to boast the cattribute of being “non-virgin”, which is present in only 4% of the Kitties. That’s some disturbing (yet highly profitable) information right there.

And last, but not least, we have the Axies. They’re sort of a common occurrence in the weekly pick, although never coming close to the first spot. What has to happen for them to make it to the top three? Usually, a handful of mystic parts will get the job done, as they make the price of an Axie skyrocket. However, our little fella #22175 over here has no mystic parts… then how can it be worth $229.48? This Axie was more than fifty times as expensive as an average Axie, so it has to have something going for him. Well, the answer to that lies in his typing. Normally, we are used to Axie types such as beast, aquatic, plant, bird and other similar categories, but the typing of this Axie is currently unknown. Quite literally, as its profile describes it as “???”. At the time of writing, there are only six Axies of that hidden class in the marketplace, and their prices range from 2.5 to 30.15 ETH. We can only imagine how valuable would one of these little dudes be if they belonged to a hidden class and had mystic parts. Only time will tell if that ever happens.

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