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The 0xWarriors launch on TRON is right around the corner

The award-winning game will launch on the popular mainnet very soon

Yes, we know you already knew this, since Gameunculus covered the award-winning game’s TRON pre-sale last week, but the launch is getting closer and closer, and we wouldn’t want you to miss it. The TRON team announced on their TRONArcade medium that the release is only a couple of weeks away.

The team behind 0xWarriors is surely trying to stay on top of the game with different collabs, like the 0xUniverse/Lumi Collect partnership, announced on February 1st. And now with 0xWarriors and TRON arcade joining forces you’ll be able to form multi-blockchain squads to go to battle! Hooked already? Then you won’t be able to contain yourself once you’ve read more details.

The RPG game’s warriors are all different by multiple parameters—Strength, Damage, Resistance, Intelligence and Dexterity. You can spend points on these different attributes and you can level those up by acquiring some rad gear. And remember, their TRON pre-sale is still going on until February 13th. This is your chance to get chests with 50% off.

For the moment you can play the game on EOS and take part in private tournaments whenever you want by purchasing a ticket and waiting until 7 other players join the battle. You can take part in public tournaments as well, which are held weekly and for which you don’t need to purchase any ticket in order to participate. It is through these tournaments that you can receive the aforementioned points to spend on the different parameters

So while you wait for the TRON release, go battle, prepare yourself for the launch, and hopefully we’ll meet again on the Arena. Don’t forget to follow Gamie on Twitter, and join our Telegram so we can continue talking about what bright things the cryptofuture holds.

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