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CryptoPunks take physical form in their first gallery show

How will they manage to display physical copies of digital assets?

Avid readers of our blog have probably read about Cryptopunks in the couple of times they've been featured in our weekly pick. Basically, CryptoPunks consists of 10,000 randomly generated punks (duh) that are traded back and forth on the blockchain, each one with a unique design and all that jazz. Pretty cool, especially considering they also claim to be the first NFT out there. The big news though is that they have come to life, and will be present in the {Perfect & Priceless} - Value Systems on the Blockchain art exhibition at the Kate Vass gallery.

This great announcement could potentially prickle the ears of many CryptoPunks owners, though. Isn’t the entire point of crypto games to provide complete and total ownership of the game assets to its owners? Surely making a physical copy of a CryptoPunk owned by somebody else is not a very good idea. Or is it?

Well, Larva Labs, the people behind CryptoPunks, were well aware of this issue, which is why they were actually hesitant to participate in the exhibition. They started to look into any potential solution, and ended up settling with paper wallets, which bridges the gap between digital and physical ownership.

Essentially, the solution consists of printing the key to access digital ownership of a CryptoPunk in a run-of-the-mill envelope, which is put in the back of the print. The twist, however, is that the envelope is sealed with a custom wax seal. This means that the print can be bought and sold freely, and as long as it is attached to the envelope, it will also be a proxy for that CryptoPunk token.

Pretty neat, huh?

While this is a creative solution that enabled Larva Labs and John Watkinson to have their first gallery show, the CryptoPunks artist, it can also be much, much more. This actually sets a precedent for simultaneous digital and physical ownership of an asset, which can certainly be replicated in the future. Sure, this could mean that you can have your very own CryptoPunk hanging on your living-room wall (although we gotta burst your bubble, pal, it wouldn’t speak wonders of your sense of interior design), but its reach can potentially affect many other NFT projects. Additionally, being able to own something physically as well as digitally will surely bump up their price.

If you’d like to see these prints of the CryptoPunks (and if you can afford the plane tickets), go visit the {Perfect & Priceless} - Value Systems on the Blockchain exhibition at the Kave Vass Galerie in Zurich. You have until the end of February!

Do you think this clever solution has potential for other NFT projects? Will physical copies of CryptoPunks with their respective paper wallets be more valuable than regular ones? Let us know what you think about it on our twitter and let’s talk about it on telegram!

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