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Pigs are coming to Blockchain Cuties

A new race has descended from the skies to take its place among other cuties.

Blockchain Cuties has created a new pig race to celebrate the Lunar New Year of the pig. Unlike the Crypt-Oink pig race, it has nothing to do with pigs running to win trophies. In Blockchain Cuties a pig race is a new type of cuties in addition to the already existing cats, dogs, bears, lizards, foxes and hedgehogs.

According to the devs, pigs came from outer space, but they won’t try to conquer Cutieland as aliens usually do in silly movies. Pigs are cheerful and generous, and they brought some gifts with them. Every player can claim a red packet – a traditional Chinese New Year present which comes with best wishes (and some money actually, cause best wishes suck without money). Blockchain Cuties’ packets contain 888 pawcoins, and this number means something for sure, but Gameunculus is not very good at mythology.

As for the new pig race, you can craft a Golden Pig of Fortune, a limited edition cutie, right now. All you need to do is to buy 10 Premium Tickets at the Paw Shop. Btw, they cost 1.5 ETH, so maybe you shouldn’t even look at this marvellous piggy if you don’t have enough money.

The pig comes with huge initial bonuses including power of 4, raidboss bonus of 2, bonuses to luck and loot drop, and is strong at earth and fire elements. And it will be for sale only till 10th February, so hurry up. Or if you aren’t ready to spend most of your life savings on the collectible, go and get yourself a piggy on the marketplace, there are plenty of them and they’re much cheaper!

What’s next, guys? A Kitty with a pig’s snout? A Chibi with pig’s hooves? An Axie with a pig’s tail? Hm, maybe there’s already such an Axie… Come to our Twitter or Telegram to discuss all that piggy frenzy!

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