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Some thoughts on the destiny of the world… of cryptogames

On those rare occasions when Gameunculus is not playing cryptogames, he’s watching videos or reading about them. Today we’ve come across an article by Ether Kingdoms which we’ve deemed worth 4 minutes of your reading time. The article reflects on the long lost glory days of collectible crypto games, how there’s actually not much “game” about them, and speculates whether they’ll ever be able to really kick off considering the latter. We actually liked this article so much ourselves, we decided to comment on the issue it raises.

First off, know that we’re talking about collectible games that are solely about the collecting (and possibly breeding), with no added battle or gambling mechanics. That being said:

Collectibles actually remain the most popular cryptogames in terms of DAU, volume and transactions. However, there’s no telling whether they’ll replicate the success they enjoyed in December 2017. For many a crypto gamer, collectibles are just an endless row of cash desks, where the only activity is forking out. We agree with Mr. Kingdoms on one thing; there’s not much gameness to them. Let’s try to break it down further, though.

We think it safe to say that a huge part of that success was just in their novelty. The first popular crypto games (Crypto Punks, Crypto Kitties, Rare Pepes on the blockchain even) were collectibles. To quote yet another insightful piece, these games “created value from nothing and then indulge(d) in trading, (and) this is clearly not sustainable”. What would we have if the world stayed forever the way it was last December; a dozen geeks sitting round a fire swapping digital cat pictures? Then another point, is that when the only goal of a game is to buy and sell a thing, play paradoxically begins to feel like work. And who on earth enjoys work. ...Besides GameUnculus contributors that is...

The future of crypto does not belong to collectibles (not sure if we can finish the sentence even - we have some hardcore old school collectible fans in the office). Guys, it’s time to stop. Collectibles will not take over the gaming world and solve whatever. The future of cryptogames (if it exists) lies in fun, in quality graphics, in stories, in real gameplay for god’s sake – and collectible mechanics will have to either find their place in this brave new (but still imaginary) world, or perish.

We need diversity. Of games, not people (I mean people diversity is also good, but not the point). We’ll need some shooters, racing, rpg, simulators and card games. Let’s call it what it is: we need the essence of traditional gaming, but on the blockchain. Our editor told us that every article should shoehorn in some shameless self publicity. So: GameUnculus has various game categories. Did you know there’s strategy crypto games, for example? Check the strategy page and find out if there’s something new. It also works with other categories, of course. Let us know in the comments what other game genres you’d like to see in the future.

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