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Gameunculus’s Choice #12

This week was full of giveaways! Let’s take a look at the best that the Jan. 26 - Feb. 1 week had to offer.

And that’s a wrap for January, folks. We are officially entering February territory, which means that we’re no longer just dipping our toes in 2019. This week features tons of exciting giveaways and events, some of which related to the Chinese New Year, and a specific giveaway that will be particularly familiar to our most loyal readers. But that’s not all. So far this year, our weekly pick has seen a rivalry of sorts beween Decentraland and CryptoKitties, who have been mercilessly fighting for the spot of having the most expensive NFT of the week. Decentraland finished 2018 in dominant fashion, giving out the impression that no game would ever sell more expensive NFTs in the foreseeable future, but CryptoKitties surprised everyone when they reigned supreme for two weeks in a row. After losing the top spot, CryptoKitties disappeared from the podium, and then they came back, but nowhere near as strong as before. Decentraland seems to rest comfortably atop the ranks again, but it’s time to see if they start February in decisive fashion, or if another contender has risen to the challenge. It’s time for Gameunculus’s Choice! As usual, NFT data is by courtesy of nonfungible.

Chibi Fighters & Gameunculus giveaway

Do you remember the Christmas-themed giveaway that Gameunculus and Blockchain Cuties did last December? Ah, fun times! But while you were getting too emotional thinking about the past (it was only last month, grow up), Gamie himself didn’t waste any time and went to have some fun in Chibiland. As it turns out, our little friend seemed to have a little bit too much fun, because now there are many little Gamies running around in Chibi Fighters. Uh-oh.

So how exactly can one benefit from Gameunculus sexed-up travel to Chibiland? Well, we won’t go into raunchy details but Gamie went bananas, so much so that everytime you buy a Chibi, it might be a Gamie’s offspring, and his parts can spawn during fusions as well. Additionally, you can also take part in our giveaway, where we will be choosing winners on February 8th. The maximum number of Gameunculus Chibies we are going to give is 10 (provided that we have 100+ participants), and all you gotta do is subscribe to our newsletter. Go check all the details here.

Coingecko & Enjin celebrate the Chinese New Year

In case you were too hungover or drunk during the New Year celebrations to take advantage of all of the giveaways and the events that several crypto games did, you now have a second chance. Thank you, China! CoinGecko decided to join forces with Enjin to celebrate the Chinese New Year. To do so, they are giving away a CoinGecko-themed NFT backed up by the Enjin coin or a CoinGecko Egg backed by 1 ENJ just by participating in the Individual Challenge, which is to submit more than 7 entries here. On top of that, they will be giving away prizes randomly after the contest ends on February 13th. Regardless of how many entries you submit, you’re still participating. In addition to that, they’re are also having a Community Challenge. If the community manages to make over 25,000 entries before February 5th, the CoinGecko team will post a lootdrop containing 1,000 surprise items! So, yeah, go check it out. You never know, you might end up winning something!

Pigperus and Piggicius make their arrival in Etheremon

And if you think that's the only celebration of the Chinese New Year, then think again. Etheremon is joining in on the fun as well! Their way of conmemorating it is by adding two brand new Mons based on Chinese folklore: Pigperus and Piggicius. Although they're twins, they represent different things (Pigperus is a symbol of flourish and success, whereas Piggicius is a symbol of luck), and are accordinly different in terms of catching them. If you want Pigperus, you gotta buy eggs in their store, while Piggicius will appear on adventure mode and on the special lucky wheel. Don’t worry about having to spend a lot though, as Etheremon will give you 88 EMONT back for each egg purchase (as long as you haven’t already bought 8 eggs and that you are among the first 888 egg purchases); you will also receive plenty of Hongbao (used as tickets to spin the lucky wheel) by playing the game too, so getting one of these piggies definitely doesn’t look as hard as learning Mandarin.

Partnership between Lumi and 0xUniverse

This one’s fresh off the oven, guys. On January 31st the announcement was made: Lumi Collect has partnered with 0xUniverse and they’re giving you the planet of your dreams. Well, maybe not of your dreams but, hey! It’s a unique Legendary Planet all for yourself—so let’s pretend you haven’t spent enough time on your own already. This partnership goes hand-in-hand with the recent 0xUniverse mobile release, which makes perfect sense since the Lumi SDK is being referred to as (well, by Lumi’s team at least) the Metamask for mobile. Lumi brings more than just that to the table, like for example, being able to store all your planets in one place and being able to buy from there as well.

Best-selling items

Another installment of our exciting saga arrives, but this one serves as a statement—It’s Decentraland, bitch. Just take a look at the -12, 1 parcel of land. Remember how last week we covered the 19, -2 parcel of land, which was sold for an impressive $2,144.83. Well, this week we have another parcel of land that’s close to the center, but this time it’s even closer. How close? Well, as close as you can get, really. -12, 1 is naturally adjacent to a road, a road that is adjacent to the central Genesis Plaza. This parcel of land is also located in a corner, meaning that it's adjacent to not one, but two heavily popular areas. You can imagine as well that the surrounding sector has to be bustling with activity and interesting hotspots, and you wouldn’t be wrong. As you can see, Decentraland has done it again, and this time they blew their last week numbers by having -12, 1 being purchased by $15,699.9 (or 399.927 MANA). It’s eye-opening to see that Decentraland managed to have a very similar volume in the last 7 days as CryptoKitties, while having only roughly 0.25% of CryptoKitties’ transactions.

Do Axies often get on the medals stand of Gameunculus’s best-selling items weekly? Well, not really. But if they do, they are definitely mystic Axies. This “what’s-on-my-back?-oh-it’s-a-turnip” creature is, first of all, an Origin Axie (and there won’t be more than 3993 like that). Secondly, it’s a double mystic one, which, obviously, is two times better than being just a mystic. The guys from Axie’s Discord told Gameunculus that there were only around 200 double mystic Axies in the game. Even if they overstated it a little, and there are 300 of them, well, this Axie is worth something. And if you can’t tell a mystic Axie from a “boo-so-normal” one, we’ll teach you. The mystic parts are highlighted in blue on the Axie’s page; look, our today’s champion has a Heart Cheek and a Sakura Cottontail. Wow, these two are kinda perfect for each other! So perfect, that a new happy owner forked out $382.74.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Nah, not really. We tend to get overdramatic and put Decentraland and CryptoKitties as two games that have a similar model for their NFT, but they’re quite different. In Decentraland you have a very small amount of transactions, but all of them are massive. CryptoKitties is the opposite. Sure, they've enjoyed the number one spot multiple times (which is even more imrpessive, considering how affordable Kitties usually are), but lately it has not been the same. Still, wouldn’t you say that selling a Kitty for $316.41, while the average price is not even $3, is one hell of a good move? Well, that’s the magic of Muca Buffpooka, o Kitty #1187881. Still, when five of your cattributes go below 5% in terms of rarity, then you’re talking about one hell of a Kitty. Even more incredible is the fact that the color of this Kitty (meowgarine, how adorable) exists in only 1% of all Kitties, and that this very Kitty is the first one to ever have it. If that doesn’t bump the price of a Kitty from the average $3 to more than $300, then I don’t know what will.

That finishes our weekly installment of the highlights and most expensive NFT in crypto gaming. Celebrations are always a good chance for crypto games to run events and special promotions, and this time around we were blessed by pretty lizards and powerful twin pigs. We also saw how Decentraland continues to be head and shoulders above the rest, this week even more so than others. Is CryptoKitties the only one capable of taking the first spot? Will the Kitties’ partnership with Gods Unchained change anything? Can Decentraland be stopped? Make sure to tune in next week! Let us know what you think about this week in our Twitter and Telegram.

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