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My Crypto Heroes 1.2 is going live

The new version of the game with some significant changes will be launched on February 4th.

A huge update is coming to My Crypto Heroes on the 4th of February, and it brings not only cool stuff like new extensions, but also paywalls and restrictions. Tired of good news? Then this one is just for you! Make yourself comfortable with a bottle of wine and a kleenex and get ready to cry and whine.

Gamie, what if you’re exaggerating a little? What exactly is going to change?


A new Prime Node will appear. Hey, that’s cool, isn’t it? It is, but only Prime users will be able to enter, and to become Prime you’ll need to pay. Yikes! Moreover, it won’t be a new node, it will be a Ver.1.2 of the old Turing node. And it will leave only 3 of 4 nodes available for all players. You can learn more about Prime in the next passage, but before that here are some more changes to the Nodes:

  • Heroes will need more stamina to enter nodes;
  • You’ll be able to find original extensions only in lvl20-60 nodes;
  • 1 stamina will recover every 5 minutes (it was 4 minutes before).

MCH Prime

MCH Prime is your VIP-pass to the world of My Crypto Heroes. For 0.1 ETH per month (or 1000 GUM, but only until February 12th) you’ll get amazing benefits:

  • Daily bonus of 50 GUM (and a slight chance to win more). Right, it was previously available for everyone, but, you know, it’s trying times!
  • Access to the Prime Node;
  • Expanding the number of teams from 3 to 6.

Is being a VIP worthy the 0.1 ETH? You tell us!


There will be no minimum guaranteed price of 0.05 GUM for selling replica extensions. The conversion rate of GUM/Crypto Energy will be now calculated based on the current amount of GUM and Crypto Energy in the Lab. It means that the price for one replica extension will one day drop to 0 GUM. Try selling your extensions in batches, that’s a way to get at least something more than 0.

Transfer to Ethereum

To transfer your heroes to Ethereum mainnet, you’ll now need to pay 100 GUM instead of 40. And not only that! If you want to transfer your heroes or extensions, they have to be Level 2+ or with “Art Edit”/”Adding Nickname” improvements.

Bad news for players, good news for devs, right? Hope you aren’t too disappointed. But if you are, you definitely need to stop by our Twitter or Telegram, and we promise not to mock you for once.

UPD: My Crypto Heroes devs explained that they imposed restrictions not to depress players, but to fight bots. The game has been flooded with these sneaky bastards who receive daily bonuses, send heroes to nodes automatically and use hundreds of multi accounts. Hope the update will help to clean up the game's ecosystem!

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