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New partnership right out the oven!

Lumi collect has partnered with 0xUniverse and they’re celebrating with a giveaway

Hello earthlings, we assume you’ve heard about 0xUniverse? The game where you build spaceships, explore the deepest corners of the galaxy and colonize planets in the form of ERC-721? That’s the one. The game—which was released last July by 0xGames and is available for web and mobile—is partnering with Lumi Collect and their launching a giveaway to celebrate: a unique Legendary Planet!

Ok, so it won't actually look like that, but you get the idea.

The goal in 0xUniverse is to conquer planets, by building spaceships and going around exploring the galaxy, while learning about the history of the Universe. Each planet (ERC-721 like we mentioned above) has a unique design and they come in four different ways; common, rare, epic, and legendary, the latter being the most valuable ones.

On January 31st Lumi and 0xUniverse announced their partnership, one that will allow players to store all their precious planets in Lumi’s wallet, and will also—as Lumi SDK—allow players to play from mobile. Let’s go through the rules of the Giveaway:

  • You need to join Lumi’s Telegram
  • Download Lumi Collect
  • You have to share this post on Twitter or any social media and send the link with a screenshot of Lumi Collect in your phone to one of the admins on their Telegram.

Done! After finishing all these steps, you’re participating for the Legendary planet Lumi. The winner will be chosen randomly and announced on February 13th on both Lumi’s and 0xUniverse’s social media channels.

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