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CoinGecko/Enjin special giveaway

Happy New Year! Again

You thought the New Year blessings had ended? Think again and welcome the Chinese New Year! To commemorate this special holiday Enjin has teamed-up with CoinGecko to introduce a collaboration made out of CoinGecko-themed NFTs that are backed by the Enjin Coin: ENJ. Keep scrolling to check what they have come up with.

How can I get my hands on these precious Charmander-ish, flame sparking, wanna-be dragon? There are two ways in which you can participate to get one of these: Individual challenges and Community challenges. Gameunculus: stop rambling now and get to the point…

Individual Challenges: every player that submits entries will be participating for prizes that will be randomly designated after February 13th. All of the players that submit 7 or more entries will get a CoinGecko Chinese New Year NFT backed by 150 ENJ or a fungible Gecko Egg backed by 1 ENJ. Is it weird that I want one of those even more than I want the prizes? There are 13 days left—and over 3,000 entries so far—for submitting entries so let’s stop wasting time and go here to start. Seriously, go.

Now, for the Community Challenge: CoinGecko will take care of the Community if they reach 25,000 entries before the Chinese New Year. How? By posting a Lootdrop with 1,000 surprise items inside! CoinGecko will post the Lootdrop QR code on its Twitter account on February 5th at 4:00AM UTC.

You can participate until February 12th at 8:59AM UTC, but remember: you must download the Enjin Wallet to be able to receive any prize, and you won’t be able to scan the community Lootdrop QR code without it! And while you do that, go follow Gameunculus’s Twitter and join his Telegram to see what else is up.

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