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0xWarriors is ready to claim the TRON

The guys over at 0xGames have launched its Warriors' TRON pre-sale and you don't want to miss it

The Warriors, who recently became available for mobile, have started their TRON pre-sale; from January 24th until February 14th—what a great gift to give to your Valentine! A.K.A. yourself—you can get your TRON chests with 50% off! 0xWarriors has strived to be a multichain experience for a long time, and when the team launched their TRON pre-sale, they became one of the firsts multi-blockchain games in the market. Now they want more— they plan to be on Ethereum, NEO and other blockchains within the next months, and have stated that they are going to install TRON’s wallet for browsers, TronLink.

The 0xGames team believes this integration will help the game to grow their playerbase and at the same time it will allow experienced players to buy the new TRX chests with discount and get the game in their cryptomaps. The game’s presale for EOS ran out and they raised over 4,000 EOS, so this one's bound to be very popular too.

The multiplayer RPG game, which started their beta phase on December 18th of last year, is another one to try and bring mass adoption closer, and it’s trying its hardest, as we can see from their latest efforts. And going back to that, go to the 0xWarriors site to get your chest! There are 4 different types of chests; Common, Reinforced, Nephrite and Golden, each containing different common, rare, epic and legendary items in different proportions. Again, their EOS pre-sale ran out sooooo fast, so you better get those fingers moving towards their site!

We know how excited you’ll be once you get your hands on these goodies and are all set for battling in the arena, but don’t forget to let Gameunculus know what you’ve got on our Twitter or Telegram. What the heck? Why not both?

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