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Decentraland unveils LANDscaping Creator Contest

Put that creativity to work with the new scene builder and win prizes in the form of LAND and MANA

Decentraland is, at the time of writing, having a rivalry of sorts with CryptoKitties when it comes to the top spot of each installment of our weekly pick. During the last couple of weeks, Decentraland regained the number one spot and has enjoyed it during the latter portion of January. Thanks to this, Gamie had been anxiously waiting for any Decentraland updates, and it seems like he finally got his fix with this exciting LANDscaping contest.

Decentraland’s last project update came with the exciting news that an easy-to-use builder was on the works. To celebrate this upcoming arrival, they will be hosting a contest where anybody can submit their own creations. To be a part of the contest, all you gotta do is sign up. Once the builder is launched, you will have two weeks to submit up to 20 of your most creative scenes.

What if you want to submit one of your scenes but you have less creativity or artistic skill than a shoe, like Gamie above? Worry not, artistically-challenged friend. The new builder is supposedly designed so anybody, no matter the technical limitations, can design immersive content and host it on their LAND. And even if your creation sucks so much that even mom won’t put it on the fridge, you’d still get 100 MANA, just for submitting it.

If your scene is good, then that’s just the beginning. All of the submitted scenes will be reviewed by a panel of five expert judges, who will hand-pick 50 scenes to be deployed and featured in Genesis City. Out of those 50, five will be selected as the grand winners of the contest. Depending on how far you make it in the contest, you’ll get bigger and better rewards in the form of MANA and LAND.

This is huge news for Decentraland as this is something that the playerbase has been asking for endlessly. You can check more details about the builder by checking their SDK.

As this is still very much a work in progress, the release date is not set in stone. The scheduled date, however, is early March, so you better stay tuned to Gameunculus for any other updates regarding Decentraland and your other favorite crypto games. In the meantime, why don't you come to our Twitter(] or Telegram to talk about this contest?

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