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What you've already missed and what you still might

While Gameunculus was hard at work over the weekend, you guys missed a bunch of cool opportunities.

First, HyperDragons rewarded a few lucky players with free dragons in light of their new event. Will you find your name on the winners list? Fingers crossed – go check their twitter.

Second, CryptoGirl handed out 100 coupons for in-game items! All players had to do was follow, retweet and comment the original tweet. Guess how many comments they got. SEVEN. Guys… you gotta up your crypto game.

Ok, enough FOMO fueling. Here’s an offer you can still get in on: SuperCountries is holding a Meme Contest. You good at memeing? It seems to fit the crypto gamer profile, doesn’t it. Show ‘em what your momma gave: share your meme on SuperCountries’s discord, tweet it mentioning SuperCountries, and voila! You might even get a free country. Some details to get you going:

Stay tuned to keep in the loop about more crypto opportunities. Also, we get lonely!

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