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Ether Kingdoms: new gameplay launched

Far Realm is open, and you can form squads, fight enemies and conquer buildings.

The Ether Kingdoms devs have announced a new game mode in early January, and it’s finally here; live and playable. Gameunculus put his pince-nez on and, like a sir, went to review the progress done.

Here’s some key info for those willing to play Ether Kingdoms, and some Gameunculus’s comments which will make you smile (or cry, if you always take it to heart).

Far Realm

Far Realm is the new game area for you to explore; and it’s definitely far, cause you need a portal to go there. Wel, here it is, just try not to get lost (but it’ll be too much even for directionally impaired, cause the portal button is also duplicated in the dashboard).

Let some of your Imps into the portal and start adventuring! Remember that the portal activates immediately, but needs some time to rest. You won’t be able to transfer the second group of Imps soon after the first, unless you want to spend some extra IMP tokens on reducing the cooldown time. You can’t transfer your Imps until you reach level 15, but no worries, it’s really fast: every single fight will increase your level even if you lose.


You can create a squad from your Imps (only those you transferred through the portal) and start conquering the Far Realm. Your squad’s status is displayed below. The number of Imps parameter can’t be made clearer, but what about stamina? It’s used to move your squad from tile to tile, and replenishes automatically (but not as fast as Gameunculus wants it to: look, his stamina is too low and his squad can’t move).


This whole gameplay is about PvP fights, great conquests and achieving bonuses. Move your squad and attack buildings owned by other players. If you win, the defender will lose 10% of their Imps, and a half of that amount will go directly to you. If you lose, the defender will capture 2% of your Imps (minimum 1 Imp). But why do you even need to fight for these forts, farms, fountains or shrines? That’s because they grant your Imps different bonuses to characteristics, which will help you conquer more buildings, and forts even produce more Imps if you own them! And since when the question of who’s having the bigger and longer bonus needs reasoning?

What do you think of new Ether Kingdom’s gameplay? Is fighting better than mining? Come and check their details on Gameunculus even if you haven’t tried Far Realm yet: we’ll tell you how to start!

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