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Gameunculus's Choice #11

It’s time to check the weekly highlights for Jan. 19 - 25, this time with some new, fresh faces!

Time is such a crazy concept, isn’t it? It seems like yesterday Gamie donned his Santa hat and opened a bottle of champagne for the festivities, and now we are just days away from closing the first chapter of 2019. At the very least, we can say that January has been eventful, and this week is proof of it. This week saw the arrival of not one but two new games, which makes it seem like the rest of the year will be eventful, to say the least. Along with that, today we’ll take a look at other exciting crypto gaming news and the most expensive NFT items, courtesy of nonfungible. Let’s begin!

Plasma Bears makes a flashy first impression

We know that you probably are all giddy and rife with anticipation about these new games, so we won’t keep you waiting anymore. During this week, the team behind Neon District proudly announced the release of Plasma Bears, a game where you collect body parts to build your very own stylish bears and then send them out on adventures. One of the biggest talking points of the game is the sheer amount of complexity bear-crafting. Sure, we are no strangers to intricate breeding and crafting systems in crypto games; not for nothing do games like CryptoKitties and Blockchain Cuties perform so well. Plasma Bears, however, takes it to the next level. Bears have 5 stats and are made up of 7 body parts, and every body part comes with their own expression, a trait and an artwork associated with them. The amount of possibilities that you have in Plasma Bears simply puts build-a-bear to shame.

Chainbreakers unveil details about their units

This week also features exciting news for Chainbreakers. While it’s not as exciting as a game release, we got some much needed information on the game’s units. For those unfamiliar with Chainbreakers, it’s a strategy game where you control multiple dudes (officially called units) at the same time. By completing quests, your units will grow stronger, and eventually they will be ready to play the roles of tank, healer and damage dealer to their full potential. You will also be able to equip a piece of armor and a weapon on them, giving you lots of customization options. As far as aesthetic options go, you’ll have to rely on the DNA of your units. As an addition to this, they also announced the Pristine units, ash-covered slaves that look like warriors made out of stone. Pretty badass, right? To read all about how to get them, check the piece we wrote on that update.

Lunacia’s land sale has arrived

Lunacia’s tokenized plots of land are finally here. After a couple of delays, Axie’s land sale started on the 22th. 5 different tipes of chests—each including a plot of land and different items, depending on the chests’s level—are up for grabs, and the total amount of land plots make up for 25% of Lunacia’s surface (each quarter of the year will bring more plots for purchasing, which will add up to 17,217). Though these plots will not be tradeable for at least 4 more months, there’s still a lot to look forward to: PvE is set to come along with the land as Chimeras will be menacing Lunacia and you’ll be able to destroy them by yourself or in groups during real time battles. We can’t wait!

Marble Cards will allow you to turn your memories into NFTs

To top it all off, this week also saw the launch of a new collectible: Marble Cards! The new customizable collectible cards came out on the 19th, and a mere 24 hours later, more than 1,200 cards had already been marbled! So what in the heck are these new old-school crypto collectibles? They are essentially ERC-721 tokens that allow people to save digital memories. Any video, image or article with an URL link can be marbled, or at least that’s the plan for the future, since you can only marble URL from the know your meme page right now. The patterns for the cards originate from the content found in the URL at the moment of marbling mixed with a generative art pattern. Also, URLs can only be marbled once, ensuring their originality. Apparently, the plan is to add some sort of gameplay into the cards, but there isn’t any info about that yet.

Best-selling items

Last week featured the surprising disappearance of CryptoKitties in the battle for the most expensive NFT item of the week. This meant that Decentraland got back in the throne they lost in the first week of 2019—but will it be for long? Well, we’ll get your engines running by telling you that the CryptoKitties absence is no more. Are they atop the rankings again after going M.I.A. last week? Are they barely scratching the first spot? Let us not waste time anymore, let’s check this week’s most expensive NFT items!

Well, if that tear-jerking last paragraph got your hopes up, we hereby ask for your forgiveness. CryptoKitties might be back, but dethroning Decentraland is no easy task. For a second consecutive week, Decentraland takes the first spot without breaking a sweat. So much so that the 19, -2 parcel of land almost quadruples the second spot, by being sold for $2,144.83 (57,000 MANA). It deserves its place in the top spot, however, as it has a couple of things that have never been featured in our weekly pick thus far. For starters, this parcel of land is near the city centre (it’s 8 parcels away from the central Genesis Plaza), and it is also conveniently placed near a corner, so it is practically adjacent to two roads. Finally, it is important to note that this week’s average item price is significantly lower than other weeks, considering that we are no strangers to seeing the average price of parcels of land near the 1,000 mark. All in all, this week established the return to form of Decentraland, and we’ll have to wait until next week to see if CryptoKitties (or any other game) rises to the challenge.

It could’ve been a story of epic proportions. A grizzled veteran who had suddenly reclaimed long-lost glory completely disappeared from last week’s 10th installment special weekly pick. You could feel their absence in the air and everybody was wondering what was going to happen this week. Will they be missing again? Will they come back and be in first place once again? Sadly, we got a much more realistic outcome. Basically, none of the many (over 13k, much more than Etheremon’s 214 and Decentraland's 59) Kitties that were traded this week were all that special, so nobody went crazy over a Kitty. Let’s hope that their current collab with Gods Unchained boosts their numbers. That being said, this little Kitty is no scrub. Actually, he’s the very first Kitty that sports the “manul” fur, which is present in only 1% of the Kitties. Wouldn’t you think that’s worth the $583.92?

There are three certainties in life. Death. Taxes. Etheremon getting the third place in our weekly pick. At least, that’s the way it has been for the entirety of 2019—Etheremon hasn’t moved from the third spot since our New Year’s pick. But hey, let’s give credit where credit is due. The Etheremon have been killing it with their weekly NFTs, as they always feature an important or remarkable mon. This week, we are featuring the fire-combat mon Wolverize, which was sold for $454.29. Why would Wolverize occupy this spot, while there are legendary mons and others that are harder to get? Well… we’re talking about one of the most powerful Mon out there. And we are not talking about Wolverize in general, but rather this particular Wolverize. We bullshit you not. This beast packs a frightening 757 BP, surpassing the 2nd most powerful Mon in the market at the time of writing by more than 200 BP. Also, he’s level 100, so yeah, having him in your team is practically cheating.

And with that we bide farewell to this installment of our weekly pick. January of 2019 has proven to be an eventul month for crypto gaming, and the two releases we saw this week are just a sample of what hopefully becomes the tone of this year—the more games, the merrier (provided that they’re above ass-quality). Technically, the next weekly pick will be the first weekly pick of february as it will be on February 1st, so we might as well look back on this first month. Did you like it? Was there anything you particularly enjoyed? Join us in our Telegram and Twitter to talk about this week’s highlights of crypto gaming!

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