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Captain Ripple is here: Cutievengers...Assemble!

A new member of the Cuties’ “Hero squad” is up for grabs

A new genetically modified fox has joined the Hero squad (you know, a team of unique cuties of great power and dashing looks), and he’s here to help the Cuties against enemies. Welcome Captain Ripple!

Unique Cuties are limited of course and there are only 15 of these foxes for all three blockchains in which the Cuties are available (ETH, EOS and TRON). Not 15 on each, 15 among the 3. This is first come, first served, and Gamie is running—yeah, right—to go get his, because when they run out, no more will be made EVER. So far Bitcoincat and Ethor are the other members of said squad.

Why are these Unique Cuties so special? Each of them has a unique look, and they come bearing gifts—bonuses that is. Some of them come with powerful item sets and well well well, Ripple’s packing its own. Here’s what we know about this fox’s bonuses so far:

  • Power of 4 (1 for 1st level, 1 for nobility, 2 for being unique)
  • Attack bonus of 3
  • Defense bonus of 3
  • Raid boss bonus of 5
  • Evasion bonus of 4%
  • Bonus to loot drop of 30%
  • Bonus to experience gained of 30%

We mentioned Captain Ripple’s got his own full superhero set consisting of the Captain’s signature shield (that acts as a weapon too), and his mask and suit, which additionally to the aforementioned, comes with:

  • Attack bonus of 10
  • Defense bonus of 16
  • Luck bonus of 8%
  • Raid boss bonus of 1

The Captain’s shield is the only shield in the game so far, and it comes with astounding defense bonuses. The goal of the new Heroes is to beat Eggbert, the Wastelands new raid boss, and protect the cuties from the new invaders. You can get Captain Ripple in the Cuties special sale’s page but hurry, each Cutie gets 10% more expensive than the one sold before!

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