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Units make their arrival in Chainbreakers

And the devs are celebrating it with the announcement of Pristine Units.

Just like with any strategy RPG, units are of paramount importance. The Terran from StarCraft have the Marines, Warcraft’s Orcs have Grunts, and the Scots have William Wallace. It’s time to take a look at the units of Chainbreakers. What roles can they take? What do they look like? How do they work? Will there be special units? Well, why don’t we find out!

If you are hoping for customizable gameplay experience then you’ll be pleasantly surprised in knowing that you can train and arm your units to your liking. For starters, each one of your units can be trained and fulfil three different roles: tank, healer and damage dealer. The way to train your units is by playing quests in the game's PvE mode, so you can get a feel of your trained units before taking them to the PvP arena. That’s not all, though. You can also equip one piece of armor and a weapon to one of your units, so you can have even more control over their performance.

Remember that your units are also NFT and can be traded, so even units that are not useful to you might find a new owner in the marketplace. This is how units look before you buff them up and equip them with powerful items.

Each token has its own DNA data which will determine the specific appearance of each unit. Speaking of appearances, you might think that the guy in the middle of the picture is from the 1930s, is made of stone, or has some sort of nasty skin condition. Well, the actual reason is much more grim.

During the events that led to the current state of the Chainbreakers universe, there was a massive slave breakout. 300 slaves escaped from the evil claws of their masters in search of freedom, but the ashes that cover their entire bodies have marked them forever as runaway slaves across the realm. You know who else is covered in ashes? Kratos! But he’s the victim of a curse that forces him to wear the ashes of his family, who he accidentally killed. Talk about not catching a break.

Why would something so dark be enticing? Well, these dudes are extremely limited in quantity, and time will only make them more valuable. Luckily, Qwellcode VR (the team behind the game) is handing these exclusive units out to members of their community. These units will also be gen0 and will have special DNA data to boot, meaning that their appearance won’t be replicated in the future.

To get one of these Pristine units, all you gotta do is be at least rank 1 in the game and have your wallet linked to your Discord handle (you can check the steps you have to follow here. Once the event starts (January 24th, at 12:00PM GMT), you should see a wheel of fortune in the game’s marketplace. The higher your rank, the higher the chances to win a Pristine unit are, so you’ll need a lot of beginner’s luck if you’re just starting out.

You can spin the wheel once every 24 hours, and this can be repeated until your account has won 5 Pristine units or all 300 of them are claimed. Let’s just hope that none of these Pristine units wants to go on a killing spree and get revenge on the gods.

Excited to try your luck at the wheel of fortune? What else are you expecting from Chainbreakers? Come and tealk to us in our Twitter and Telegram.

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