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Plasma Bears is now live!

Think about a game with collecting, constructing and adventuring. Now think about build-a-bear. Boom. Plasma Bears is here!

Crypto gaming is an ideal platform for games about collecting, and there are many famous instances of this new subgenre like CrypoKitties, Blockchain Cuties, Axie Infinity and the like. But what about games where you slowly collect and build your own collectibles? Now that’s something you don’t see everyday. From the team that brought you Neon District, Plasma Bears is a game where you collect body parts that you put together to build unique bears that you can put up for sale or send out for incredible adventures!

Collecting Bear Parts

Okay buster, so you made it into their website and want a bear but nobody’s giving you anything. How the hell do we get you one then? Well dummy, you have to collect bear parts, but sit tight, because this is gonna get messy. There are seven bear parts to collect: head, heart, body, righ arm, left arm, right leg and left leg. Every single body part also has an expression that’s associated with them: angry, cheeky, happy, despair, joyful, flirty, sad, sexy, surprised and sassy; a trait that will affect one of the five stats that each bear has; and individual artwork whose availability depends on the most popular artworks at the time. Now THAT’S a mouthful.

Luckily, all body parts and expressions have equal drop rates, so there won’t be shenanigans where a group of specific parts are horribly expensive. In terms of rarity, however, drop rates do vary. Uncommon parts have a drop chance of 40%, but that drastically goes down to 16% for Rare parts and it gets even more ridiculous with Epic (0.183%) and Legendary (0.011%) parts. Have fun trying to get one!

The main ways to obtain bear parts are by adventuring, trading, and also by logging in every day to get a random body part as a daily gift.

Building your very own Plasma Bear is a creative but strategic endeavor. The better the traits of your bear, the better it will fare on adventures. Or, if you feel enchanted by the artwork, you can just let your creative mind flow and let the happy little accidents happen, Bob Ross style.

By strategic we mean that if you want to have the very best Plasma Bears you can’t go mixing your bear parts all willy-nilly. Remember that each body part has a specific trait associated with them, and that each trait affects a specfic stat? Well, it gets even more complicated when you consider that different parts go along better with specific stats, like so:

  • Arm - Strength
  • Leg - Agility
  • Head - Cunning
  • Heart (body part) - Heart (stat)
  • Body - Stamina

So let’s say, for example, that your daily gift was a left arm whose trait is Trunk-Break. Trunk-Break is a trait that greatly affects the strength stat. Now, since the left arm has a strong affinity with the strength stat, then that body part will be even more coveted. You wouldn’t like an Alakazam with a nature that strengthens its physical attack after all, wouldn’t you?

Sounds a little bit too complicated, huh? Well, at least that way the “surprise” factor will never really go away. Your bear stats will be the sum of all its parts stats, the expression will be the average expression of its parts and the rarity will be the average rarity of its parts. In other words, your bear will probably be one of a kind, given the amount of variables that go into bear construciton.

Time for adventure!

Once you’re ready to go, you can send your bear on daily or repeatable adventures, You can also play around with the difficulty of the adventure if you want better rewards, but that means that you’ll bear will need more stats as well. For a more detailed description of the different difficulty settings and the rewards, you can go and check their official guide.

What do you think about these artsy bears? Too many variables? More potential for unique and one of a kind crypto collectibles? Have you tried the game out? Gameunculus wants to hear you out. Come and hang with us in our Twitter and Telegram!

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