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Axies land sale started today

With a little delay, Lunacia has finally arrived

Remember when Gameunculus told you about the Axies introducing their new land sale? It’s finally here, and the world of Lunacia is coming at last. Lunacia’s tokenized plots of land are called Terra, and they can be purchased now!

Lunacia’s Land sale is just a part of what’s coming since, it has been divided into 4 different sales: 25% of the plots—which equals to 17,217 plots—can be purchased in this first sale, and the rest will come out during the year, one for each quarter of 2019. Why buy now? Well, there are more than a few reasons for that.

  • Chests’ prices will rise significantly in the next sale
  • Exclusivity baby! Some of the game’s events will be limited to quadrant 1
  • You can participate for an exclusive plot in Genesis Land, located right at the center of the map

Although none of these plots will be available for trading for at least 4 months, you can see the location of your land in the World Map. There are 5 different types of chests going from 0,05 ETH up to 1 ETH and they will determine the location of your plot accordingly to its associated region.

Alongside the lands comes PvE (or it will, eventually). Chimeras will be the monsters menacing Lunacia. They come bearing gifts though, as they will drop resources, items and blueprints—some of which are limited edition—that will help you upgrade your land AND your Axies. You can fight them by yourself or in groups during real-time battles! For more info on the gameplay click here.

CoinGecko and the Axies are giving away some limited edition, rare Gecko Items. The items in question will give you special in-game benefits to have some extra help in your Axie Infinity gameplay experience. You can participate for one epic Gecko until February 3rd, and there were over 900 entries at the moment of writing. For rules and how to participate go here

However, the sale began to experience some bugs within hours, it became a mess and everything went to hell. JK, but it might as well have, as players expressed their disappointment—to put it lightly—on the Axie’s discord. Devs promised to fix whatever it is that is going bad, but Gamie wants his chests NOW. Go follow him on Twitter and join our Telegram to discuss what in the world is going on!

Axies' devs have addressed the issues and are currently fixing whatever it was.

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