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Marble Cards: the new “customized” collectible

Are we in 1999? When did collectible cards get cool again?

Marble Cards is the newest old-school crypto collectible. Its beta went live on August 17th, and its mainnet launched on the 19th, two days ago. Their website reads “Claim the most amaze (sic) memes,” and apparently they’re delivering—in the first 24 hours over 1,200 cards were marbled. So what in the F are Marble Cards and what’s the big deal?

Marble Cards are ERC-721s that allow people to save digital memories in the form of crypto collectible CARDS. You can marble any video, article or online image with a URL link into a card. Every URL can be marbled once and only once, therefore ensuring every token’s uniqueness. You can create anything that hasn’t already been made, in case that wasn’t clear enough for you.

The patterns on the cards originate from whatever is found on the URL at the moment—content from the page accompanied with a generative art pattern are converted into a unique digital item.

To get one of these nifty items all you need is an Ethereum wallet and then you’re good to go. You can create one by paying 0.01 ETH as a creation cost. Once a card is marbled, it enters a public auction—anyone can bid on it during a limited amount of time. If someone buys a card you’ve marbled you get a reward for it: 30% of the amount for which it was sold! So far, the best selling card went for 3.2 ETH and it’s none other that Doge.

If you want to keep your exclusive card to yourself you can buy it in the auction and get a 30% discount instead. If no one buys it during the auction period, then it’s yours to keep, and trade, or sell, or whatever.

For the launch period (which will last a couple of months) you’ll only be able to marble URLs from the knowyourmeme site, though special sites—or Collections—will be released every once in a while. The plan for the future is to be able to marble any URL link out there.

Marble cards combine aesthetics, scarcity and utility in an item that is pretty and fun to make. There isn’t much info on the game’s website for now (so as not to spoil any surprises), but the Marble Cards’ devs told Gameunculus they’ll add some sort of gameplay to it and cards will be able to level up.

This looks like fun! Go follow Gamie on Twitter and join our Telegram to comment on these new exclusives and tell us all about how the one you wanted to marble has already been taken.

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