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Gameunculus's Choice: #10!

Another week has finished! It’s time to review the highlights for the week of Jan. 12-18.

It’s Friday again, and as usual, we are checking the highlights and the best-selling collectibles of the past week. Let’s begin, shall we? We are kicking off the highlights section with TRON and its new fire breathing friends, the Epic Dragons. This week also saw the announcement of the departure of three legendary Mons on January the 21st. You’ll also get to read a daunting Cuties’ update. This week they announced a post-apocalyptic update and if you didn’t hear about it, we got you covered.

Epic Dragons: MixMarvel’s newest project

From the creators of HyperDragons comes this new addition to TRON. MixMarvel released Epic Dragons during the weekend as the first of many games they plan to develop in association with TRON Arcade. The game is pretty similar to HyperDragons, it’s like its TRON counterpart. They share the same gameplay strategies and “story”—brave adventurers battling dragons. Three days after the game launched, it was already at the top of the users and volume rankings and at the time of writing it stands as the third most popular dApp out there. If you want to know more about it, go read Gameunculus’s post.

The MixMarvel team has one more game up their sleeve set to come out during January, so keep your antenas up. The bar has been set pretty high—by themselves, so it’ll be interesting to see what they’ll come up with next and if they’ll be able to top their TRON firstborn.

Hero of Cryptoworld is out on Google Play

Any crypto gaming that ends with “out now on Google Play” should be a reason to celebrate. But this one, not so much. Not so much a highlight as it is something that raised many eyebrows, Hero of Cryptoworld is a game that came out of nowhere into Google Play. When you consider that the game studio behind it has 2 (yes, two) followers on twitter, yet they still manage to get 500+ downloads and 60+ Google Play reviews on release day, it’s impossible not to feel suspicious. Check our investigation here.

By the way, since our original news post was published (three days before this post), TWO OTHER GAMES, BitGolf and BitStartUp, have been linked to VXNetwork. Maybe it’s just a non-western game studio having trouble adapting to English social media. Maybe it’s bullshit. Maybe it’s Maybelline. At present, it’s hard to tell, but rest assured that Gamie will be paying special attention to this.

War of Crypto’s Early Access sale has ended and they get ready for the next step

After a lengthy 60-day Early Access Sale, the War of Crypto team is putting things in motion to release their beta. The Early Access sale consisted of 15,000 crystals that were up for grabs, a number that was definitely ambitious. By the end of it, over 7,500 crystals were sold, roughly half of what was originally offered. This does not mean that the sale flopped or anything, as 7,500 is still hella impressive. This also allowed all players who took part of the sale to get multiple community rewards (as long as they actually contributed towards the crystals needed to unlock a reward), including a gnarly Mage of Epic rarity.

The devs have stated that they have been hard at work for the release of War of Crypto’s beta, which is currently scheduled for the first quarter of 2019. They are not ashamed in saying that this date could very well be delayed, but that’s actually not a bad thing. Why? Because they said that they’re taking their sweet, sweet time to properly develop the beta and deliver a product that will leave its players satisfied. Isn’t it great when you’re cared for like that?

The Cuties meet The Wastelands

One of the highlights of the week came with a new territory and it’s not exactly a 5-star resort. On the 16th, the Cuties announced The Wastelands—a mysterious part of Cutieland which was attacked a long time ago, destroying a local town and forest and leaving nothing but ruins.

The Wastelands has brought new enemies into Cutieland and is the Cuties’ duty to fight them off to save their land. The newcomers are large mechanic creatures and not much is known about them as of right now, only that they’re here to create chaos. They have come to Cutieland and they brought a raid boss with them to keep the Cuties away from their dusty “home”. They were planning to release him on the same day but we haven’t gotten any news about it yet. I guess there’s nothing else to do right now than gear up for the moment and get ready to fight some silvery invaders!

Etheremon says buh-bye to 3 Legendary Mons

Legendary mons Vernirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm are leaving their habitats on January 21st and to give you a push to try and get one of these Legends before they migrate from Adventure sites, the game is giving away 50 EMONT to the first 20 people that come across one of them in battle. To claim your 50 EMONT, you have to take a screenshot of it and post it on Twitter with a link to the battle. So that’s two incentives for playing.

That’s the last of our weekly highlights. Gamie will be right back, he went to get some legendary Mons! We’ll catch you again next week with more bedazzling crypto game highlights.

Best-selling items

Ah yes, it’s time for another installment of the best-selling items of the week, and as has been the tradition for the last couple of weeks, CryptoKitties are resting peacefully atop the r--wait. Where are CryptoKitties? They didn’t even make it to the third spot. What happened? Well, if you are an avid reader of the weekly pick, you have probably noticed that CryptoKitties are notoriously affordable, and that their volume is made up of the humongous amount of transactions that they have each day. So even though they are nowhere to be found in the top best-selling items, CryptoKitties is still number one according to nonfungible in terms of volume ($84K, followed not so closely by Decentraland’s $74K).

Decentraland is back in the number 1 spot, baby! After a couple of uninspiring weeks, there was finally a sale that is actually deserving of the top spot. Just look at all those blue spots, dammit! If you are unfamiliar with Decentraland map, blue spots indicate districts, which is where all the fun happens. Simply put, the closer to a district you are, the more expensive your parcel becomes. And this little red dot right here is not close to one or two, but SIX districts. Paying 79.000 MANA (or $3,260.14) for a parcel of land with so much blue around it seems like a steall. Some of these Districts are really close to the parcel, as is the case with the Hunted District (2 parcels away) and the Whale Club (3 parcels away). Others are not as close to the parcel though, like SciArt Lab, The Anarchist International, the Central Marketplace and the Decentraland Museum, all of which are at least six parcels away. As if that were not enough, this parcel of land is also adjacent to the road, and only two parcels away from the Genesis Plaza. Sorry Kitties, there was no way for you to win this one.

This week marks the debut of a game that had never been featured in our weekly pick, SuperRare. SuperRare looks like it came from the end of 2017. We mean, it’s a true collectible: you’re paying for digital artwork, which is a NFT on Ethereum. And it’s still going strong in 2019! Just take a look at their average item price, it’s 98 bucks! Kinda weird, not to say shocking.

The best-selling picture (5ETH or $599.25) is called “Rez.Girl”, and it shows a… Girl. With purple hair, which reminds us of Turanga Leela, but she’s got 2 eyes—maybe that’s why she’s so expensive, have you seen how much an eye costs? The description says that the painting is present at the exhibition Fight Fear in Tolmezzo and connected to the physical artwork through augmented reality; such high tech! Though Gameunculus is bad at modern art and can’t understand why would anybody pay $600 for a picture of a girl which doesn’t even show her tits.

Vernirox #48031, one of the 3 soon-to-be out of circulation Legendary mons, is this week’s third best-selling item once again (remember our New Year’s special?). Sold on the 16th for $368.88–or 3 ETH, this earthrock Etheremon is about to get a posthumous revival treatment… sort of. They won’t be completely out of circulation, since every Vernirox existent will continue to wander off freely, but no more wild ones will be introduced after the 21st. Exclusivity will probably ensure the rise of their prices, so trying to catch one in the wild is probably what every Etheremon player has on their minds. What’s, the game is currently giving away 50 EMONT to anyone (actually, only the first 20) who comes across some of the last Vernirox (or any of the other two Legendary mons that will be going away), and posts a screenshot of them on Twitter with the battle link.

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