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Etheremon will pay you for battling legendary mons

You can get 50 EMONT if you come across one of the legendary mons and share it on Twitter

Guys, any ideas why are some mons called legendary? We know for sure: it’s because most players will never see them and will only listen to legends about their fantastic adventures! Soon 3 legendary mons, Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm, will leave their habitat in Adventure sites, and you can only catch them in Adventure mode until January 21st. To celebrate this (or rather to comfort and cheer the players up) Etheremon will give 50 EMONT to anybody who meets these legendary mons on the battlefield.

Isn’t it a great thing? In the real world you pay for tickets to watch sloths or Mona Lisas, but in the cryptogame world you get paid to watch the NFTs in their natural environment. All you have to do is to meet one of the legendary mons on the battlefield, take a screenshot and post it on Twitter with the battle’s link. Don’t forget to tag @myetheremon! The first 20 players will be rewarded with 50 EMONT. The event is already live and will last until January 24th, or until they get 20 successful submissions.

According to the law of conservation of energy (or not, Gameunculus’s never been good at this nerd stuff), when you lose some, you win some. Venirox, Quadrossal and Zedakazm will be the ones to go away, but, luckily, Ruffski and Barkindle – exclusive and limited mons, will return to the game for the week of January 21st to January 27th. As both of them are doge-looking, you’ll need some tasty bones to summon them. Find a special item called Calciumie during the adventures, and that’s it – the dog will come running to you.

What do you think about legendary mons, doge-mons and EMONT rewards, guys? Come to our Twitter or Telegram even if you’ve got no idea what these mons are: we’ll show you!

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