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Axie Infinity introduces new land gameplay info

Devs have finally thought of homes for your little axies; and more!

This is a small news post about a big change coming to Axie Infinity: they are implementing land, PvE fights, resource gathering and crafting! Remember those terrariums for axies the devs promised to introduce one day? Seems like instead of a fridge box to live in axies will get a deluxe room in a 5-star hotel!

The land sale will start on January 21st, and you’ll be able to buy TERRA – small land parcels, which can be customized to your liking. You can build a shop, a farmyard, or a residence there, and collect various resources which will spawn on your land. As for PvE, well, some terrible monsters called Chimeras are attacking Lunacia (the land of axies), and your axie army has to fight them off! You’ll even be able to gather a raid if you have some friends involved in crypto gaming, and try to destroy the Chimeras together to get fantastic loots for upgrading your territory and axies.

Are you excited, guys? It’s like you were expecting a chocolate bar for a birthday present, and got a Lambo, right? Except, guess what. “You'll have to wait a bit. Months, not weeks” – that’s what Jihoz, Axie Infinity Growth Lead, said on Discord. Shiiii… Come to our Twitter or Telegram, we’ll share your grief and make it more bearable with Gameunculus jokes and vino.

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