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Hero of Cryptoworld out now on Google Play

That’s right. An unknown crypto game on Google Play? Sound funny? Boy, wait until you check out the whole story.

One of the most pervasive problems in crypto gaming is the obstacles that game devs have to overcome to publish their games on distribution platforms such as Google Play or the App Store. So, in a world where even the most famous and respectable crypto games can’t make it to those platforms, to see a game released on them from out of nowhere will surely raise many eyebrows. Such is the case with Hero of Cryptoworld, a game that was literally announced five days before its Google Play release.

Hero of Cryptoworld, from Korean developers VXNetwork, is touted as a game that will redefine the crypto gaming market, or so the website says. It’s a pretty standard RPG game on all accounts. You gather heroes, level them up, put pretty equipment on them, build parties, trade, the whole shabang. At present, however, we are not that interested in the game mechanics (there’s not a lot of info anyway). Instead, Gamie excitedly grabbed his Sherlock Holmes cap and hurried off to look up information about this mysterious game. Is it real? Is it bullshit? Let’s dig in.

Let’s start with the basics. Their website. Oh! Wouldn’t you know it? That’s where we find our first red flags. Sure, it’s quite normal for a website to put information about their pre-sale right away, but… that’s it. Right below the different Heroes that are on sale is a “contact us” button, which leads to a e-mail address. Strike 1. Okay, but in the website credits it says that the NEOCYON was involved! You know, the Korean mobile game company that was heavily involved with Ragnarok Online, one of the biggest MMORPGs of the 2000s, especially in their mobile endeavors. This would legitimize Hero of Cryptoworld but alas, the website for NEOCYON only leads to a 404 error. That’s strike 2. Hmmm, a certain character from a certain Rockstar game comes to mind. And when add the information from both the VXNetwork and Herocryptoworld twitter accounts, it all adds up to the grand total 13 tweets and 26 followers. That’s gotta be strike 3. You’re out, buster!

And yet somehow, some way, they have a trailer (which is of course an unlisted video in a channel with 0 public videos and 0 suscribers) that already has 500+ views and more surpsingly, 500+ downloads and 60 reviews in Google Play. In one day. Yeah. That only reminded Gamie of a certain character from a certain Rockstar game from 2011. But the original one won’t suffice, so we had to pick the minimalistic variant.

But still. We are not here to point fingers and start putting out “10 REASONS WHY THIS IS THE NEXT CRYPTO GAMING SCAM! NUMBER 4 WILL MAKE YOU SHIT YOUR PANTS” kind of stuff. Believe it or not, we take things seriously around here, which is why we also gotta report any piece of information that helps Hero of Cryptoworld’s case. The first one of them is well, the fact that it is ready for you to download from Google Play and start playing it, and that there are also gameplay videos where you can see the game in action. Additionally, it’s also possible to find information about VXNetwork, namely the amount of employees (2-10) and their office address, which is located in Malta. If they were in it to scam people, surely they wouldn’t put their address online for anybody to find?

We'll leave that as food for thought for you to pick up your own detective hat and be what Watson was to Sherlock. What are your thoughts? Is this a scam? A case of foreign developers struggling to engage with their audience? An unknown game with artificial download/review numbers? Only time will tell. Come and share your thoughts about the subject on our Twitter and Telegram!

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