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My Crypto Heroes review

Our review of the most popular Ethereum dapp with overwhelming 3k DAU

Gameunculus has always written a lot about My Crypto Heroes, and it’s no surprise: they’re on top, they’re developing intensively and producing newsworthy content, and their Medium blog is always extremely unpredictable (though sometimes not easy to understand). If you’ve been living under a rock lately, My Crypto Heroes is a super hyped game of collecting pixelated heroes of the past and sending them to battles. With their staggering 3k DAU they are THE most popular Ethereum dapp of all. After we had an interview with Kokushi Hattori, head of product marketing for My Crypto Heroes, and he shared a pic of his pup with us, we thought our relationship had gone far enough for us to do something really special. Today we are coming to My Crypto Heroes for the purposes of a game review!

Getting started

You’ll need Metamask to play. Well, actually there’s a way to play without the wallet, you can just sign in with your Google account, but we’re all crypto folks here, so don’t even consider this alternative. The Stoned Fox (that’s a pet name Gameunculus uses for Metamask; is he the first to notice this striking similarity?) will request your signature to log in My Crypto Heroes; press the button (not the one that says “Cancel”) and you’re all done.

Purchasing heroes

You’ll need some heroes to play My Crypto Heroes. So, how do you get them? First, there are 3 free guys; they aren’t crypto assets, so they can’t be traded or moved to your wallet. You can still level them up, put on extensions (armors, weapons and other stuff to strengthen your characters) and send them to quest nodes to win extensions and crypto energy. Second, some heroes could be obtained during giveaways or airdrops (if you had enough money to pay gas), for example, Jack the Ripper. This is what a typical profile looks like, if you prefer not to invest money in the game:

The letter N stands for Noob – sorry, Novice. That’s who you are now and forever, if you don’t use the third way to purchase your heroes. And what's the third way? My Crypto Heroes is a collectible, and all collectibles make most money on selling characters. You can buy them in the shop or from other players for GUM (game user money), or just head to OpenSea and make a deal (after you stop crying and whining, cause the cheapest hero there costs 0.166 ETH, and those Wright Brothers were on the airdrop for free in September 2018! Arrrrgh).

Heroes attributes

Not all the heroes are Novice, there are also Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary (which cost a fortune and make game fans’ mouths water). The strength of your character depends on its rarity, of course.

The character level is another important parameter which shows on the hero card. It can be raised by obtaining crypto energy in the quest nodes or buying it in the Lab.

Hit points, Physical attack, Intelligence and Agility vary from one character to another and can be improved by wearing extensions. Heroes also have special skills, and some of them are as crazy as they are: Jack the Ripper deals damage to his opponents, allies and even himself randomly.

Finally, stamina; surprisingly, it has nothing to do with health points. You need a certain amount of it for quests and battles (depends on the level of the quest node), and it restores over time. The higher the level is, the more stamina the hero has.

Quest Nodes

Quest Nodes are the PVE dungeons, and clearing these dungeons from enemy bots is the player’s main activity. There are 4 of them, and their names are quite weird: Atanasoff, Antikythera, Hollerith and Turing. Can you say, without googling, who the f*ck are they? Bet you can’t (except maybe for Turing: he’s well-known). But we’re not here to teach you science, so let’s turn to our nodes.

You’ll need a team of three brave heroes with enough stamina to enter the node. Each node has different versions for different levels, and the higher the level is, the more stamina you need to enter. Nodes give your heroes energy to level up and extensions to wear. If your characters are lvl 10, you can still send them to the nodes for 20 levels and get more energy. But don’t try 30 levels, they’re too tough and your baby heroes will die miserably.

Each quest consists of 3 fights, and you can get acquainted with your future enemies before entering the node:

Meanwhile in a parallel dimension which is a lil bit similar to ours

— Hey, waiter, something is wrong with my drink!

— It’s a creeper-frappuccino, sir!

— What do I get if I kill him?

— A book, sir! A really valuable one. It’s called “Crime and Punishment”.

— Ah, the one by Leo Tolstoy. Ok, thanks, keep the change!

And if you think that we got too stoned and made this all up, then you’re unjust to us, cause here’s the book (tho it’s not by Leo in our reality):

At the time of writing, the My Crypto Heroes & Etheremon collaboration event is live, and in addition to ordinary extensions you can get some not ordinary etheremons; Gameunculus has written about it recently.


Unlike the tolerant Nodes, which welcome all players, even those who haven’t spent a cent, Duels are not for everyone. The weekly Red Dragon cup was held between 3rd and 6th of January, and only the crème de la crème, Legendary and Epic heroes, could take part. The bad news is that we’re not those blue blood fancy types. The good news is that they’ll have a Baby Dragon cup soon (17th - 20th January) for all heroes and extensions whose rarity is Rare or lower, and we should definitely take part. The Baby Dragon Trophy looks a little bit humiliating in comparison with the Red Dragon one, but we’re prepared to make this sacrifice for the sake of our fellow readers.


GUM, game user money, is not a cryptocurrency, so don’t try to find it on exchanges. As we’ve already mentioned in the purchasing heroes paragraph, GUM can be used to buy heroes and extensions in the shop and from other players on the in-game marketplace.

GUM is also essential in situations when you’re still full of energy and excitement, but your heroes ran out of stamina. Just pay some GUM and go questing again! And if you don’t want to click hundreds of times to level your heroes up by going to quests, buy some crypto energy, feel like you’re one of those fake bodybuilders who use synthol to grow their muscles!

Now, when you’re sure that GUM is far more useful and important than your diplomas, skills and opinion, we’ll tell you how to get some (not diplomas). The easiest way is to buy it for ETH: 500 GUM cost 0.05, 1000 – 0.1, and so on. You also can have a daily bonus of 50 GUM (with a 33% chance to get 100 instead, and 1% – to get 1000), but you need to pay gas for it. Finally, you can sell your extensions in the Lab and get some GUM.

Pros and cons

Gameunculus felt a little confused and unsure if he liked the game or not; here are his conclusions for you to finally decide: is My Crypto Heroes worth playing, or are those 3k daily active players just a fluke?

  • You can play My Crypto Heroes for free. Totally free! Send your team to quest nodes, gain energy and extensions, sell extensions for GUM, buy more stamina and send heroes on quests again.
  • The gameplay is, not to say boring, idle. It’s rather typical for existing blockchain games though, and My Crypto Heroes is on par with other top games. Not many things to do actually, and no ways to influence the battle in progress. It can, however, be an advantage: you can play at work, cause it doesn’t need much time or your attention. Moreover, according to the latest My Crypto Heroes news reports, the game is now available on App Store and Google Play. The first 10,000 to download it will receive 0.01 ETH, and the luckiest one – 10 ETH!
  • Though My Crypto Heroes is a collectible, its characters lack uniqueness. You know, that stuff that all collectibles brag about: “No one has a cat with that exact eye colour together with that filthy spot on the arse and a tail crooked in THAT very special way, only YOU do!”. That’s not true in this game, and even legendary heroes are available not in the single copy. But you can always buy yourself a custom hero, if you’re such a crusader for specialness.

What do you think of My Crypto Heroes, guys? Have you even tried playing it? Come to our Twitter or Telegram to share your experience and egg Gameunculus for being too tough on your favourite game!

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