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Epic Dragons are descending from the skies!

MixMarvel has partnered up with TRON to release a bunch of cool new games

Ok, we know Gameunculus has been drowning you in TRON news for the past few days/weeks/months—well, either him or the Cuties' Twitter account, but we just couldn't not cover this magnificent event. Games like Chibi Fighters and Everdragons (yaay, more dragons!) have already partnered with the it-released-like-yesterday-but-is-already-becoming-a-giant-in-the-industry overnight success that is TRON, and now the creators of HyperDragons have brought their epic creatures to TRON.

MixMarvel, the team behind ETH’s HyperDragons, is another one of the latest teams to join the hype, and it’s doing so in the coolest way possible—they’re releasing Epic Dragons—ETH's HyperDragons counterpart for TRON Arcade. But that’s not all! This would be the first of many more titles MixMarvel is planning to release on the TRON network. They even have scheduled one more game to be released in January, so basically any second now. Our pal double M here has managed to keep its precious HyperDragons among the top 10 games on ETH and we really can’t wait to see what wonders will come next.

Epic Dragons came out during the weekend and without ANY fuss as TRON tweeted about it and mentioned it in their Medium on the 14th. Honestly they’ve got so much going on that it’s almost understandable that they couldn’t advertize it more, but it turns out they didn’t have to do anything! At the time of writing, Epic Dragons was positioned at number 2 in the DappRadar games users ranking, with more than 4k users, and was at the lead in Volume with 725,5k TRX—or $18.1k if you prefer for the last 24 hours! These positions are not just considering TRON game dApps but considering ETH and EOS as well. Not too shabby for a newborn.

These cool—or should I say HOT dragons are similar to HyperDragons when it comes to the gameplay aspect of it: basically there’s a battle between brave adventurers and fierce dragons…there’s character development, real-time strategy and more. To play you must register and pay a few TRX or you can play for free by inviting a friend into the game. You start as a “warrior” and you can evolve to become a “knight” and eventually transform into a “wizard”. There are also three stages of the game, which all lead to you and your friends teaming up and attacking a dragon. You have to take as many health points off of your enemy as you can and you can buy cool stuff to make your warrior better equipped for battle.

The game’s currently featured and LIVE. Go to their site, register and be a part of this already so fetch dragon lair. Don’t forget to join Gameunculus Telegram and follow him on Twitter, you don’t want to miss out on Gamie’s cool updates.

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