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TRON-talk: collab with Cocos and rumors

Something's afoot with the prizes from TRON Arcade... but hey, a collab!

Hello, and welcome to the first and probably last edition of TRON-talk, a Gameunculus original impromptu segment where we paste together two short TRON-related news because our reporters couldn't find one long one.

Collaboration with Cocos

When we covered TRON’s history and future projects recently, we mentioned the TRON Arcade fund: a $100M fund to be invested throughout the next 3 years that seeks to support blockchain-based game developers to “create and execute their ideas” on TRON.

The news today is that Cocos-BCX is partnering up with TRON Arcade as part of a “developer cultivation plan.” Cocos-BCX is an “end-to-end solution for decentralized game development”. It’s a visual, script-based, and data-oriented development environment for crypto games where users can create, build, and test games across multiple blockchain platforms. It has its own blockchain, whose test-net launched last December. We would assume TRON will be one of these platforms in the near future, though for now the partnership seems to consist solely on mutual advertising. This cross-advertising has already led to nearly 30 teams from the BCX platform being submitted to TRON Arcade.

The exciting part is that Cocos actually has the rep to back something like this up. Ten years ago, Cocos created the Cocos2d game development tools package for mobile and PC devs. Gameunculus is always giddy when the centralized and the decentralized worlds clash. As of March 2018, Cocos has the largest open source technology community in the industry: 1.3 million registered users and 300,000+ active monthly users.

What else?

TROuble in Paradise?

Chibi Fighters tweeted something that caught our attention this morning:

“Ouch. Maybe twitter to them that there are good projects out there (Chibi Fighters) Might be FUD news but I have a feeling it's not”

And this is referring to rumors going round social media and a few news outlets that TRON Arcade, the million dollar fund for dapp development on the blockchain, may have been a scam.

It began when redditor 9HIL pointed out a few unflattering details: apparently Tron randomly decided to have 100 winning teams instead of 56, and consequently lowered the payouts. The smallest prize, $5,000, turned into a $1,000 prize. Woops!

Ok... Scam? More like just terrible organization and no respect for the developers. Still bad. According to this 9HIL person, the winner of the $1,000 prize money has not identified themselves. And there’s a mystery person who claimed to have one $200,000 over their Instagram, but was otherwise un-reachable.

Here's a bonus: Blockchain Cuties are still having problems with their TRON integration.

Do you guys think TRON really is misleading / scamming people with the fund?? Tell us your conspiracy hypotheses on Twitter, Discord and Telegram!

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