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What the future holds for War of Crypto

The beginning of 2019 marked the end of their Early Access sale — what’s next?

The first couple of weeks of any year are always an interesting time to see if things will bode well or not for the industry. So far, we’ve seen exciting collaborations, like the one between CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained and interesting sales such as the one CryptoFights is hosting, with rewards for the whole community and the top buyers. Today, Gameunculus is taking a look at War of Crypto, a game whose Early Access sale recently ended after 60 days and is now getting ready for the following step.

So, how did it go? Well, fans and players of War of Crypto can happily say that the Early Access sale was definitely not a flop. Out of the total 15,000 crystals that were up for grabs, the player base bought more than 7,500. Not only that, but the Early Access sale also helped to boost the War of Crypto official twitter follower count to almost 1,500. The devs are over the moon, though, going as far as to say that “The isolated lands of Crypta no longer seem so empty with you all by our side, making this a memorable journey — not just in experiencing everything with you, but in creating. We are beyond excited to see what 2019 has in store for all of our journeys!”. Brings a tear to your eye, doesn’t it?

As stated in the Early Access stretch goals article, each and every player that took part of the Early Access sale will receive different rewards depending on the amount of crystals sold. Since they managed to sell over 7,500 crystals, the players will receive a Mage of Epic rarity for free, with a special edition skin and boosted IV, which will be airdropped into the players’ Enjin wallets in the upcoming days. This means that the players missed out on the top 2 rewards, an Epic rarity ninja (10,000 crystals) and a Legendary rarity dragon (15,000 crystals). Still, this little mage will surely wreak lots of havoc once it arrives to the players’ wallets.

And he’s coming to whoop your patriotic ass, Guile! Sonic Booms won’t save you this time around.

But how the hell do you follow that up? You’ve gone and gotten all your player base horny for some crypto Heroes action. What now?

After a successful pre-sale, there’s only one logical way to go — the beta. Thankfully, the War of Crypto team was aware of this, which is why they’ve been working on it for the last couple of months. As things stand, they are predicting that the beta will be a reality in the first quarter of 2019. Now, lots of things can happen, and they’ve stated that they want to take their sweet time in developing the beta, but it seems like we’ll be hearing from them soon.

It looks like War of Crypto passed the pre-sale test with flying colors. Gamie’s thirst to call out scammy practices from game devs was not to be satisfied today, but the War of Crypto team still has many hurdles to go through, and he’ll be watching. Patiently waiting. Stalking. Do you think that they’ll deliver and go through with the beta stage in Q1 of 2019? Or will development hell strike once again? Let us know what you think in our Telegram and Twitter!

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