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The Kitties are ready to meet the Deities

Interoperability is here! And it’s interacting with 2 of the coolest games out there

Your purry friends want to know what’s beyond the kittyverse and they’re partnering with the Gods to be in each other’s worlds. How? By bringing crossover special-edition NFTs to their games!

How will this work? Let’s meet the 3 furry Gods that will be joining the Kitties/Gods universe to make it all happen – and you can get them for a limited time only, so be sure not to leave this one for later.

  • The Special Edition Aeoncat → this Kitty was called into creation by the Goddess Aeona and you can get one of the 380 Aeoncats available for purchase from January 17th to January 28th.
  • The Exclusive Hypurrion → a tribute to Hyperion, Mythic Titan of Light, Hypurrion is the cat-equivalent of Gods Unchained’s most valuable card. You can enter the raffle for this Exclusive token by purchasing your Aeoncat until Jan. 28th at 11 PM UCT.
  • The Fancy Cat Tally and the Talismans → you can transform your Kitty into a cat talisman to be used in Gods Unchained once the beta is released by purchasing a limited-time “Cat in a Pack” item in Gods Unchained until the 21th. If you breed Tally the Purrocious, you’ll be able to forge an extra rare talisman in GU.

In Gods Unchained your Kitty will be represented as a unique talisman in the shape of a statue. Again, to do this you need to purchase the limited edition card pack “Cat in the Pack”. All the aforementioned items will never vanish, but you have to get them before their corresponding deadlines!

Send a picture of your newly-acquired Kitty God to Gameunculus Telegram or tag him on Twitter to share your soon-to-be well traveled Kitten.

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