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My Crypto Heroes & Etheremon collaboration event

Pixelated mons can be found in My Crypto Heroes’ adventure nodes from January 11th to January 18th.

Etheremon and My Crypto Heroes have always had a strong friendship, but this time it’s really powerful. Etheremon decided to sacrifice some of their precious mons and place them into My Crypto Heroes’ darkest and deepest dungeons (and we mean it literally, not in our usual perverted way).

From January 11th to January 18th, players can find 5 different mons (as pixelated as everything in this My Crypto Heroes universe) in the Nodes. The mons will act as ordinary extensions, so you’ll be able to equip them and strengthen your hero (just imagine the powerful warrior in a Pikachu kigurumi). The bad news is that mons can’t be found in Level 1 Nodes. The good news is that if you yell furiously: “WAAAT? Only 5 mons?! This whole news post is about five puny mons?”, you misunderstood us and overreacted. There’ll be 5 different types of mons, and the total number will be much higher, tho it will depend on etheremons’ rarity.

For example, the common (the least cool of all, to be honest) etheremon Ekopi will be released in a maximum of 1000 copies, while the rarest and the mightiest of them all, Zedakazm, will only exist in 24 exemplars. Did you know that this Zedakazm (which is a legendary mon, btw) was the most expensive NFT in Etheremon? Ok, now you know. Anyways, it was sold for 13 ETH back in October! So, now you have a unique chance to compare the original Zedakazm with the fascinating artwork of My Crypto Heroes’ artists and designers:

Well… They do have something similar! And who knows, maybe this pixelated Zedakazm will surpass its original in price.

Which one do you like the most, the Etheremon Zedakazm or the one by My Crypto Heroes? Come to our Twitter or Telegram, let’s chat about digital art in cryptogames and other stuff.

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