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Boxswap, the newest way to swap Ethereum tokens

Afraid you won’t get your end of the deal when swapping and trading your goodies?

Fear no more, Boxswap has arrived to shred all your concerns – well, the really important one at least – when it comes to trading into a million pieces. Boxswap is an over-the-counter asset exchange platform, the newest way to swap digital assets in 3 steps. It’s a decentralized wallet to wallet swap built on 0xProject and on Ethereum.

Let’s start with the basics. A swap is an over the counter trade you use to find your own counterparty with whom you swap assets. But why would I need to use this platform if I can do everything by myself? You might wonder. Well, though that’s technically true, Boxswap can do everything you do but better – just don’t let it hurt your ego – since it swaps assets simultaneously while providing a safe and scam-free environment for you to just relax and enjoy your newly-swapped assets.

On December 30th, 2018, it was announced on their Discord that Boxswap beta was safe and ready to be used. So how does it work? First, you create a swap contract by setting terms on their platform and authorizing it. Second, you send the link or the order to a counterparty or you can post it to social media and see who bites. And third, the counter party uses the link to go to your order where they can fill it and then you’re done! The swap is made simultaneously and everyone’s happy with their new tokens.

No more fearing that your beloved – and hardly-obtained – assets will get “lost” in the web. You know your heart skips a beat when you put yourself out in the open in front of the world. It’s bad enough already having to say goodbye to one of your goodies, but hey! no one but the miners benefit from it, since you only have to pay for gas to run the contract, the team gets no fees!

Go check out the platform and let us know what you think! Send us pictures of your swaps through Gameunculus Telegram or tag him on Twitter.

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