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Giveaway Winners Announced

Blockchain Cuties & Gameunculus giveaway has ended, let’s welcome the happy winners!

The big day has arrived. Gameunculus has finally recovered from his New Year holidays! And not only that – today he’s announcing our giveaway winners!

Who’s got the bronze and the most fabulously memetic Gameunculus Cutie Gen 7 with a mighty wand disguised as a candy?

Here’s the happy winner: and here’s his tweet:

Just take a look at his fantastic artwork.

As we’ve already claimed, it’s the best Gameunculus’s portrait ever! We appreciate the rage, and power, and insanity, and those huge glowing horns… This is a case when size does matter!

The silver and the cutest Gameunculus Cutie Gen 3 wearing a Christmas hat

goes to as a reward for her wonderful philosophic tweet: Mum, I wanna become an undead bone dragon NOW, not eventually!

Ba-dum-tss (is it the right sound to announce the champion?), and there he goes, the gold medalist and the very first owner of the best Gen 0 Gameunculus Cutie!

The 1st prize tweet is here: . Hey, , how do you like him? Take good care of your Gameunculus Cutie and please, stop comparing him with a gremlin, he might be insulted, and we’re not taking the consequences!

Thanks for participating, guys, it was great fun! Come to our Twitter, and Telegram to brag or to whine, and wait for some more fantastic events to come!

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