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An interview with a top cryptogamer. Part 3

Artem a.k.a. CryptoZombie, a top cryptogamer, encourages you to take your first baby steps towards making money on cryptogames.

And here it is, finally, Part 3 of the interview, where Artem CryptoZombie unlocks his secrets for playing cryptogames successfully and profitably. Wanna learn how to start? Read on!

Q: How to find out that a game is not a scam?

A: There’s no working way. You can evaluate the project like an ICO, gather info about devs’ previous experience, monitor official social pages. If the game channels have thousands of followers, but only a couple are active, it’s a bad sign. If it takes ages to get an answer from admins, or they even ignore questions, it’s a bad sign as well.

Q: How do you choose a game which is promising in terms of earnings?

A: If a game hasn’t released yet, you can examine the whitepaper, but most projects never fulfil their promises, so it guarantees nothing. The best possible way is to monitor upcoming projects and take part in beta-tests. Beta-test will give you the opportunity to learn the game mechanics and earning strategies, so after the full release you’ll have an advantage over those who play for the first time. They’ll spend hours becoming familiar with the game and will make mistakes which you’ve already made during beta. If you become a top player even in the not-so-popular games, you’ll be able to earn enough. Just make sure you’re one of the best!

Q: What should you pay the most attention to while choosing a game?

A: First, it’s the platform. If you choose Ethereum, gas fees may exceed all the income. While I was playing DopeRaider, I made over 7000 transactions, and it may cost around $2000 on Ethereum. By comparison, on POA Network they only cost $1. I prefer sidechains or EOS. If there’s no choice, find out if all the game processes are on-chain. Some games have off-chain solutions, for example, Axie Infinity battle system or Blockchain Cuties adventures, so you don’t have to fork out on commissions.

Second, it’s the number of ways to earn. It’s difficult to earn only on trading, especially if you’re not an early adopter, and you’ll most certainly need to invest money. I prefer the games that provide multiple ways to earn: trading, dividends, PvP, PvE, contests, something more – 3 different possibilities at least. But it doesn’t mean you can’t earn on trading.

Q: Which is the best stage to enter a game in terms of balance between risks and profits?

A: Don’t want to give financial advice, I’d rather say what I do. If the project’s team has proven its competence, released some games and has credibility, then you can enter on pre-sale. The risks are lower compared to projects of unknown studios. Probably you’ll be able to earn money even before the full launch due to the discounts you often get during pre-sales. But no one is safe, so I never put more than 5% of my overall game deposit in a new game. For example, if my game deposit is 20 eth, I’m ready to spend no more than 1 eth in a new game.

Q: What are the red flags that make you suspicious?

A: Bad community reviews, abandoned game chats, waiting too long for admins to respond or ignore.

Q: What do you pay attention to in game economics?

A: I don’t like the infinite (or really huge) generation of characters or items for sale. If the rarity of characters or items could be changed by devs, it would be a nasty surprise, cause it would affect the selling price. The way in which you keep your game tokens is also important: in your own cryptowallet or in the centralised in-game wallet? While playing Token Tycoon, I tried to withdraw 7 times, but only 5 withdrawals were successful. Other tokens remained on devs’ wallet. And it’s much better when the process is decentralised and you fully control your funds.

Q: Which wallets and other software would you recommend to a newbie cryptogamer?

A: They’ll need Metamask, Nifty Wallet or Scatter to log in to games. The best game wallet to keep collectibles is Enjin Wallet with ERC-1155 support.

Q: Which game to start with?

A: If the user has always been a trader, not a player, or is totally new to crypto, he should start with a collectible.

Q: Which game is faster and easier to earn on?

A: Depends on your skills. I used to earn on CS 1.6 and Quake 3 tournaments, so for me the easiest way to earn is playing WAR FIELD.

The fastest way to earn is to bet on fights. You log in, make your bet, win the fight, withdraw you reward, sell crypto for fiat – congrats, you’re cool and can buy yourself some champagne :) But one man’s gain is another man’s loss. I hope that one day we’ll see solutions for everyone to earn, or at least to recoup losses. Proof-of-Play protocol, mining or advertising (not the best variant for sure) give players this opportunity. Unfortunately some PoP projects failed.

Q: And if you’re a pro, where can you earn the most money?

A: Depends on the genre you’re a pro in. FPS pros won’t be good at trading cards game, and neither will RPG pros at real time strategies. Anyway, it also depends on in-game economics, not only on genres. There’s no clear answer, but probably you’ll be able to earn in 99% of games if you make it to the top.

This was the last part of our interview with Artem CryptoZombie, a cryptogamer and a cryptogame expert. Wanna learn more about him and probably become his young padawan? No prob, here’s where you can find him:




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Have you taken any notes, guys? Go on and try to benefit from this invaluable knowledge! And don’t forget to share your success with us on our Discord and Telegram chats.

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