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KotoWars wants to reward its most loyal players

Get your KotoWar Alpha Token before they stop making them!

Kotowars, a semi-blockchain cryptocollectible card game from Kittyverse based on CryptoKitties tokens is giving away KotoWars Alpha Tokens – or KAT for short – to early adopters. KotoWars main goals are to increase kitties’ value by adding new functionality through turn-based games between 2 opponents. Here is where you pit Kitties against each other to win cosmetic improvements as rewards by reducing the opponent’s health points to zero. Finally, a game we can all understand. These improvements add value to your Kitty and its card parameters correlate to its cattributes in CryptoKitties. There are different magical elements in the works that can weigh in your favor during PVE, or at least that’s the plan for the game’s future. For playing, you have to choose one Kitty to be a champion and 32 other cats from the default wallet available. The plan is that once the game comes out players will be able to use their own Kitties. For Halloween they had a special event – that ended last November -- which was a demo campaign on the Kotowars Stitches Invasion engine and game mechanics. In the Stitches Invasion you have to fight this monster and score as many points as possible to win.

Late in December, the team announced that though they’re far away from completion, they would be releasing small parts of the gameplay as separate campaigns, competitions between players and also prizes, which is exactly what they’re doing now with this giveaway.

They are currently working on the multiplayer mode and on the mechanics and customization of the game. To not make their players wait they have extended the Stitches Invasion Campaign they launched last Halloween. Here you are supposed to perform as much damage to Stitches as you can, remember? There will be new functionality added to each “season” or round, and after each season the top 10 positions in the leaderboard will be rewarded with the KotoWars Alpha Tokens. The player at the top will receive 10 KATs, working its way down to one KAT to the player in the 10th position. To participate you must take a screenshot of the damage performed to Stitches, A.K.A. your score, and send it to KotoWars’s Discord.

The point of this KAT giveaway is to reward those players that have been playing KotoWars since the beginning. KAT owners will be rewarded in the future since KATs will be needed to get a limited number of special edition NFTs that will only be available for purchase for limited time. When KW alpha is finished, KATs will stop being released, and once KATs are spent, they’ll be automatically burnt, making the remaining ones a nice memorabilia as well.

As a nice bonus, all players from the Stitches Invasion Halloween event will also receive 10 KATs, just for fun! The team definitely wants to make sure their faithful followers know they’re appreciated. If you played in this event and still haven’t been contacted from the KW’s team, make sure to contact them at their Discord and claim your tokens!

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