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Gameunculus new feature is live

Gameunculus is a well-known philanthropist. Instead of hoarding the games for himself, he shares. And starting today, his altruism will be enhanced by the “Share” button on every game page. Eager beavers can try it right now; our more anal readers will appreciate the following instructions:

The “Share” button gives you a widget with your favorite game’s statistics: DAU, daily volume and transactions. You can place it anywhere you want - on your website, forum or social page - and it will definitely, absolutely make them better. We’re not sure it will make your personal life better though, and do not accept any related claims.

Right now the widget is available in a mysterious, dark colour scheme, and 2 sizes: 300x140 and 480x224. But we’re working on making it as diverse as cryptogames are. Finally, you get a convenient tool to show the online community how crypto you are.

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