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Dragon Slayer Ornstein arrives to Blockchain Cuties

One of the most (in)famous bosses in the Soulsborne saga is here as a Custom Cutie. Run.

Yes. It’s not a fever dream. It’s not a nightmare. It’s very real, Chosen Undead. The Blockchain Cuties team have announced yet another exclusive Cutie. This time, it was a custom Cutie that pays tribute to Dragon Slayer Ornstein, one of the most difficult bosses of the 2011 hit action RPG Dark Souls.

Wait. Did you say Custom Cutie? Shouldn’t Ornstein count as a Tribute Cutie since he’s a pop-culture character? Well, yes and no. Yes, Ornstein is definitely a pop-culture character, especially for gamers. However, there’s a twist to Custom Cuties. As the name says, Custom Cuties are custom made to fit the needs of whoever wins a special bid that the game’s website hosts. That means that you can even have a Cutie designed to your likeness, if you so desire. What’s so great about Custom Cuties? Well, if the fact that you’re having the designers make a one-of-a-kind Cutie FOR YOU isn’t enough, these bad boys are also stronger than regular Gen 0 Cuties and they also do better against Raid Bosses.

While it’s a shame that you can’t breed your way to get your own Dragon Slayer nor find tons of them on the market, you can wait until its owner, PhadeOut, puts it up for sale, or you can be on the lookout for more Custom Cutie bids to take place. Hey, you can even have a Smough Cutie!

If you are not familiar with Ornstein, he’s part of a double boss fight where the player is pitted against the Dragon Slayer and his bestie, Executioner Smough. This fight is particularly difficult because you’re fighting the two of them at the same time. How difficult, you ask? Well, Ornstein is a dude who moves at lightning speed and literally kills dragons, while the other one hits hard and moves slow, probably because he has a nasty habit of eating the bones of his victims. Yay. Oh, and if you happen to kill one of them, the remaining boss will power up and regain full health. YAY.

Looks fun. Doesn’t it?

What’s important about this Custom Cutie is that despite being very difficult, the Ornstein and Smough boss fight was an instant classic and is still fondly remembered by gamers. Crypto games don’t really tend to capitalize on those things, so this is definitely a breath of fresh air and is a more than welcome addition to the ever-growing arsenal of Cuties. Hopefully, this could mark the beginning of a trend where more elements and characters from mainstream games start to pop up in our favorite crypto games.

What other memorable bosses would you like to see transformed into Custom Cuties or Tribute Cuties? You can tell us your ideas in Twitter, Discord and Telegram. We’ll be waiting for you!

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