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TRON and Crypto Gaming

What’s TRON and why is it everywhere? Why is it so special?

TRON. It’s so hot right now. It seems like since November everybody is talking about this blockchain named after the cult hit sci-fi movie of the 80s. What is TRON? What does it have to do with gaming? Wait, is it really named after the movie or was that a dumb Gameunculus joke? Stop asking questions and read on.

TL;DR: What is TRON?

TRON is a company, and also a public, DPoS, smart contracts blockchain with native token—TRX. Its main goal is to “decentralize the internet” by providing infrastructure for devs to make their dapps on it. It’s fast, and it’s trying to replace Ethereum as the designated dapps chain. Are there crypto games on it? You betcha. Choo choo! All aboard the TRON hype train!

At press time (check here to get updated stats though):

  • Market cap: $1.549B, 9th biggest cryptocurrency!
  • Price of TRX: $0.026
  • Accounts: 1M+
  • Volume (24 hours): $318M
  • TPS: 2K
  • CEO: Justin Sun, has 707K twitter followers, 2.5M facebook followers, and is “infamous” for his active TRON evangelizing. That Justin’s so hot right now.

Where did TRON come from?

TRON was founded in September 2017 in Singapore, by CEO Justin Sun. You know; 28-year-old founder of Peiwo, ex Ripple employee, member of Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, current CEO of BitTorrent Inc., tweets passive-aggressively, looks like he just barely failed to get that final call-back for a boy band audition. That Justin Sun.

It was originally meant to become a global, free, digital content entertainment system – a place where creators and consumers of digital content could easily store, sell and buy movies, music, and graphic art. Nowadays that description has mostly disappeared in favor of a much more humble one: Tron is simply a blockchain with higher throughput, superior scalability, more decentralized decentralization, smarter smart contracts, and just overall better blockchainess (check their landing page). Oh, and most importantly, YOU can put your dapps on it. TRON’s dream is for all dapp devs to migrate over to it; TRON’s dream is to become Ethereum’s worst nightmare.

2018 was TRON’s year. Their mainnet, Odyssey 2.0, launched in May. TRX was originally an ERC-20 token, but network independence (they migrated all user funds from Ethereum to TRON blockchain) was achieved in June, and the TRON Virtual Machine was launched in August.

TRX in 2018

If 2018 was TRON's year, how does that reflect on its proprietary token, TRX? The year started with a bang, recording TRX’s all-time high early on. On January 4th, the price of TRX reached $0.254801 USD according to Coinmarketcap. This quickly changed, however, and by the third week of January it had decreased to $0.06. As is the norm with cryptocurrencies, prices vary quite a bit, but ever since August, the price of TRX has become relatively stable, fluctuating between $0.029 and $0.013. This came after a period (May—August) where the price of TRX steadily decreased from $0.09 to $0.03.

At the time of writing, the price of TRX is $0.025974 USD. Considering that, for the most part, TRX struggled to reach the $0.02 mark during the month of December, the current price of TRX is definitely an improvement and a good omen for 2019.

The predictions for 2019 are… strong, to put it lightly. Analysts have gone as far as to say that the price of TRX might go as high as $12 in 2019, and that 2020 might be the year where TRX will pass the $50 mark. That’s more on the outlandish side of predictions, since there are many other sources that claim that TRX will hit $0.1 or $1. Predicting the price of cryptocurrencies is really hard, especially considering how volatile the market is right now. But when all of the predictions for a cryptocurrency say that its price will increase in 2019, then you don’t have much to worry about.

What’s so special about TRON?

TRON claims to be one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. Calling it ambitious is an understatement.

High TPS

What’s it got on other blockchains? A higher TPS. TRON can handle 2,000 transactions per second, making it far more efficient than the Ethereum (25 TPS) and Bitcoin (3-6 TPS) chains. The only real competition that TRON faces in this regard is the EOS chain, which has peaked at 3,996 TPS. Ouch.

Fast growth

Back in October, TRON’s daily transaction volume briefly surpassed that of Ethereum for the first time, thanks to the addition of their first dapp, TRONbet. Now, TRON hosts 100+ dapps, and it took just 6 months after going live to score a place among the top 10 cryptocurrencies (it is now 9th), and boasts more than 1M users.

Acquisition of Bittorent

But one of TRON’s most remarkable achievements of is the acquisition of the renowned p2p protocol Bittorrent in July of 2018. This has effectively made TRON the world’s largest decentralized network. This acquisition lead to the announcement of Project Atlas, a proposal that aims to tokenize content distribution by merging the BitTorrent protocol with the TRON blockchain.

What else is there to brag about?

  • TRXMarket, first Tron-based decentralized exchange
  • TRON Accelerator Program, a $1M fund for innovation and dapp development on their blockchain.
  • TRON niTROn Summit in San Francisco, January 18th and 19th, 2019.
  • TRON Arcade, a $100M fund for crypto games developed on TRON.
  • Justin Sun is 28 years old. Let that sink in for a minute.
  • Did we mention TRON’s speed? Yes, but it’s worth mentioning it again. 2,000 TPS!

About Tron Arcade

A bit over a month ago (November 29th), the company announced Tron Arcade: a $100M fund to be invested throughout the next 3 years that seeks to encourage blockchain-based game developers and empower them to “create and execute on their ideas”. This humongous fund will be a massive step towards enticing both players and developers from the mainstream gaming scene into the world of crypto games. All of TRON Arcade’s efforts are poised towards building a global and decentralized Internet ecosystem, ushering the world into the era of Web 3.0 and yadda yadda yadda.

In December, TRON announced that they are partnering up with gumi Cryptos, a $30 million fund to co-invest in innovative startups and bolster the flourishing scene. is not some total random company that came from out of nowhere either. Gumi Cryptos is the blockchain-related venture of gumi Inc., a very reputable mobile game developer in Japan who has worked on titles such as Brave Frontier and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. That’s the big leagues, baby.

Which games have integrated TRON?

Magic Academy It all started on October 1st, when Justin Sun announced that Magic Academy, the first ever idle blockchain game, would be launched on the TRON network.

Blockchain Cuties Late last November, Cuties announced they would be integrating TRON. In preparation, they developed new content and upgraded its system for a bigger market. This has been Blockchain Cuties’ biggest collaboration to date, and they became the first crypto game to support ETH, EOS and TRON all at once.

This milestone, however, didn’t come smoothly. Blockchain Cuties has been experiencing bugs and other problems on the TRON chain (in the screenshots above, the team can be seen dealing with the angry gamers over Telegram on December 31st). So much so that they included “Perfecting TRON integration” in their 2019 resolutions list.

Soon after its release, the game partnered again with TRON to launch a giveaway, in which they gifted players cool clothes like superhero customes and other neat goodies. It also took the TRON players only ten days to discover their first exclusive Tribute Cutie, so things are looking up for the Cuties after a somewhat rocky start. Anyways, it’s the first game which made its gameplay live on TRON, while others only started pre-sales.

Chibifighters They announced their integration last November, had their first pre-sale on December 7th and on December 10th celebrated becoming the n#1 TRON game. Chibies came into TRON with the intention of reaching a bigger audience.

Everdragons Starting January 5th, TRON is Everdragon’s third blockchain after Ethereum and POA. “There are marketplaces on all three chains and games on POA and Tron. We (also) launched two new mini games on Tron last night and they have been received really well” said co-Founder Jacqueline Hardy. Their integration is, of course, an attempt to bypass heavy congestion, high gas fees and sharding delays.

Everdragons has created bridges connecting ETH to POA, ETH to TRON and POA to TRON, to make switching smoother. "Players can move their dragons between chains at the click of the button,” Hardy said.


In 2018, TRON’s volume surpassed that of Ethereum, it got more accounts than EOS, reached 1M users in 183 days and 80+ dapps in 60 days and became the top 10th cryptocurrency. For 2019, Justin Sun has expressed a pretty optimistic agenda. His plan is to get TRX up amongst the top 4 cryptocurrencies, make TRON a larger ecosystem vs ETH, get BitTorrent on the blockchain and become the largest decentralized ecosystem.

There’s also niTRON Summit coming up, January 17th - 18th in San Francisco, which “offers attendees the chance to understand what has happened and learn what's to come as blockchain levels the online playing field and creates new opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors.” Idk, register here if that sounds at all appealing to you. Students only pay $50!

Don't forget to stick around with Gameunculus for the tastiest bits of news and articles in crypto gaming. Are you onboard the TRON hype train? What are your predictions for TRX? Hit Gameunculus up on Twitter, Discord or Telegram to tell us your thoughts about TRON!

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