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CryptoWars tournament is on fire!

Their tournament is back! And better than ever

Remember when over a month ago, Gameunculus told you CryptoWars was going live on alpha and how, to test it publicly, they were throwing their first tournament ever, starting on December 15th ? Let me catch my breath...The month-long competition was going to be giving $2,500 away in prizes. Now you remember? Well, it did in fact start on the 15th and it was so successful that in only a few hours ended up crashing the blockchain. That was it; the tournament had to be rescheduled. Accordingly so, on Dec. 21st Experimental announced they’d be hosting 4 Crypto Wars tournaments, one during each of the first four months of the year.

The stakes, however, have changed for these tournaments, since the pricing pool was still set to be $2,500 to be distributed among each tournament’s 5 winners. That was before Loom came in to save the day! The sidechain threw in another 50% $$$ of the pool’s total amount to be added to the prize pool – with a disclaimer stating that this extra 50% is not valid for referral program prizes.

The events are going to be hot stuff and the first one, the “it’s definitely gonna break” tournament – which started on Jan. 2nd and will end on Jan. 11th at 5 PM UTC – is certainly living up to its name, straining Loom’s mainnet. The team, to avoid getting déjà-vu (and honestly, because they’re worried about your social life), gave the competition the weekend off to work on the network and optimize its performance.

The prizes for every tournament are the following (this info was published before Loom’s generous cooperation, so you do the math and add 50% of the prize to them to find the new amounts)

  • 1st Place: $250
  • 2nd Place: $175
  • 3rd Place: $125
  • 4th Place: $50
  • 5th Place: $25

Each of the tournaments has a special prize provided by a different amazing blockchain game. The January one is provided by Axie Infinity. The second tournament is the “it should break less” tournament and it’s scheduled for the last week of February, from the 21st at 5 PM UTC to the 28th at the same time. The special prize for this one will be provided by Zombie Battleground.

The third tournament is called “it should work again” and let’s take this one as a good omen, shall we? It starts on March 14th at 5 PM UTC and it will last until March 21st, 5 PM UTC. The Sandbox is the one in charge of this round’s special prize.

And the last but not least important tournament, “if it doesn’t work well, we go develop a shrimp farm on EOS” tournament starts on April 7th at – you guessed it – 5 PM UTC and will end the cycle on the 14th at 5 PM UTC. This time’s special prize is provided by Blockade Games, the creators of Non District. To enter any of these tournaments click here and go collect as much Quantum dust as you can.

Now that everyone’s aware of how successful this game is at the moment, we hope we get to see the last tournament live. Follow Gameunculus’s Twitter and join his Discord and Telegram to keep reading these oo-wow-so-amazing news!

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