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MLB Crypto Baseball will give away MLBCryptos today

This contest ends today, January 8th, at 22:00 UTC. So hurry!!!

So apparently there’s a thing called National Bobblehead Day, and there’s only one niche business out there who could possibly exploit it commercially (other than bobblehead manufacturers): MLB Crypto Baseball.

The game is giving away 1 random MLBCrypto to each of 10 winners. You can participate in the contest by retweeting this and commenting about your favorite MLB team below it. The winners will be announced today at 2pm PST (22:00 UTC).

We still have some more space to fill in this post, so here’s a reminder of all the updates that MLB Crypto Baseball is planning to develop during 2019. These are just plans, so remember, they are subject to change!:

Addition of Bench and Bullpen to game cards.

Game cards will hold up to 21 MLB Cryptos: 9 Starting Players, 6 Bench Players, and 6 Bullpen Pitchers. These will automatically cycle into the game if the live player is cycled into the live game, and will remain with the starting player if the user doesn’t have the substituted MLB Crypto (you’ll still be able to play with incomplete cards as usual)

Game Card Points

Game Cards will accumulate Game Card Points (GCP) based on the games it has played. You’ll be able to earn GCP by completing team events, playing MLB Cryptos whose real life counterparts are active in the live MLB game, and winning games.

Team Events

All team events from all MLB Cryptos on a game card will be added to a Team Event Pool. Users will then pick and choose up to 5 team events to be played from that pool. If any of the 5 selected team events occur in the live MLB game, the user earns Game Card Points.

2018 MLB Cryptos

2018 MLB Cryptos will be playable on 2019 game cards. Players that get traded between the 2018 and 2019 seasons will be playable only on the team that their MLB Crypto played for. But if you choose to play the MLB Crypto of a player no longer on the active roster of that team, you won’t earn optimal player points.

2019 Visual Updates

They will tweak and add some new player stances, introduce Home and Away jerseys, design a new base and more skin tones, hair styles, hair colors, and facial expressions for the 2019 MLB Cryptos.

That’s all folks. Please don’t push this for later, it’s super easy to participate, you’ll regret not doing it! Tell us what you think about MLB Crypto Baseball in our usual channels: Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

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