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Etheremon’s – belated—New Year Bonanza

One more who wants to join in the fun with their special event

More hungover than Gameunculus himself apparently, Etheremon is wishing you a Happy New Year! On the 7th. Better late than never right? For Christmas they had a special event and even launched a new battle arena! Ahhh the magic of Christmas. If you thought all the festive giveaways were over, think again. Starting today January 7th and going every day until January 10th you can win some serious EMONT!

How, you wonder? Let us enlighten you: if during these days you catch a MON while on Adventure Mode, and post a picture of it on the Etheremon Discord or share it on Twitter tagging anyone from the Etheremon team, you will receive 300 EMONT as a reward. But not so fast! Or actually, yes, really fast, cause there can only be one winner per day and that will be the first player that posts the picture of their MON and notifies the team!

If no one collects today’s reward, the 300 EMONT will accumulate for tomorrow (and so on) and since there can only be one winner per day that means a 600 EMONT reward for one lucky winner. Below are the times (UTC) in which you can participate for each day’s prize:

  • First day: from 12 PM January 7th until Jan. 8th at 12 PM
  • Second day: from 12 PM Jan. 8th to 12 PM Jan 9th
  • Third day: from 12 PM Jan. 9th to 12 PM Jan. 10th

Hurry! You can still be today’s winner! If you are, tell us all about it in our Telegram and Discord and follow us on Twitter. Remember to thank us when you win!

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