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Blockchain Cuties reveal their first TRON Tribute Cutie

Tribute Cuties on TRON? What even are Tribute Cuties anyway?

Just before the final stretch of the year, Blockchain Cuties announced that they were integrating TRON blockchain. The game finally launched on TRON on December 28th, and it only took the TRON playerbase 10 days to crack the code and discover how to breed their first Tribute Cutie—Umka.

Okay, but first thing's first. What the hell is a “Tribute” Cutie? Don’t be alarmed, no crypto animal is going to be sacrificed anytime soon. Tribute Cuties, as the devs themselves call them, are “special cuties that represent pop-culture characters. There are more than 30 types of them hidden in the game”. Chances are you’ve already seen promotional images online of Cuties that depict pop-culture icons such as Marvel superheroes, Dark Souls characters and even popular football players, so it is very likely that you are already familiar with Tribute Cuties.

Ok then, what’s next? Umka? Who the hell is that? If you’re not familiar with Soviet culture, then Umka is likely nothing more than a made-up word that sounds funny to you. If you are, however, you’ll probably know about the animated classic from the 60s of a curious and cute polar bear cub who loves exploring. That’s Umka, and now you can have him as a Cutie.

As stated above, Tributes are Cuties that are hidden in the game. So how did this discovery come about? It was all thanks to Papa, who unsuspectingly set two of his cuties for a sweet ol’ breeding sesh. I bet he’s a proud Papa, huh? Am I right?

Funnily enough, none of Umka’s parents (pictured above) have the “PolarBear” attribute, which makes the discovery that much more surprising. One of its parents, however, is the TRON monk (pictured in the upper right corner), and there are only 75 of them available. If you want to try your luck buying one of the elusive TRON monks, you can always search for it in the marketplace.

What other Tribute Cuties would you like to see in the future? We’d love to know your thoughts and predictions for future Cuties! Hit us up in our Twitter, Discord or Telegram.

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